Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #78

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #78

Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Raul Fuentes, Mert, Ezinne, Rashesh, Szymon, Marco, Thorsten, Pranam

Nextcloud bits (Raul)

Grammar checking (Mert)

  • Mert doing screenshare and letting us know how to test etc :slight_smile:
    • New option from Core side
    • Working with language tool (works with free or non-free version)
    • New wavy lines appear, grammar suggestion are shown within the context menu
  • Code is now merged with Kendy’s blessing
    • tested it for 22.05 for now.
    • config settings are there & all good.
  • Mert onto DeepL integration when this is finished.

New cypress tests (Marco)

Forum (Pedro)

GitHub activity (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • Lots of formula-bar ergonomic fixes from Szymon (Szymon)
    • some shortcuts to improve too – lets see.
    • Also the other modifier problem was also fixed ! (to enter the formula bar’s inputfield vs enter in the cell)
      • But we should test it further on macOS
  • Content Controls
    • improved the form tab where they are – so they look better, icons fixed.
    • Some polishing ongoing here that needs testing.
    • (Rashesh)
      • Date picker is not uggly
        • by changing directly (when safe) the JS ui theme and when not adding few CSS rules in our files
  • Push buttons with images:

Other ongoing work

  • (Ezynne): taking a look to all the Github issues but they do share a common problem: difficult to reproduce (probably users are not feeding us enough info)
  • (Pranam): Trying to improve the writer comments (specially undo comments)
  • (Szymon): Fixes for formula bar already enter ! Working on the incorrect layout on the sidebar (2 widgets on the row but should be vertically, e.g.: impress animation)
    • Probably related to duplicated Ids
    • Fixed calc dropdown list of item (position)
    • Unifying colour widget (now we have a single control for that) while fixing the colour that is shown when you open the dropdown
  • Rash working on mobile views of content-controls
    • improvements to be merged