Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #79

Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Gabriel M., Raul Fuentes Ezinne, Rashesh, Szymon, Andras, Michael, Kendy

Nextcloud bits (Raul)

Gabriel (1-and-1)

  • What do we use to edit (annotate the PDF)?
  • Kendy: you are able to add annotations and then they are save as real PDF annotations (you can then open in any PDF viewer and see them)
  • Kendy: hopefully we will be able to improve and allow other things like font filling, other types of comments (highlighting, and other things
    • Not possible to use composition (shapes) since that is more complicated
    • There are no plans in the short term to add these additional capabilities including editing the text etc, but I’m able to pointing you in the right direction
    • We use different library to view/edit when compared to Core
      • But you need to export a variable to able able to see the same thing:
        • export LO_USE_PDFIUM=1 before starting Core
    • What about the COOL stuff from the other week ;)?
      • (Pedro) explains grammar checker
      • (Pedro) it is already avaialble in the latest CODE 22 release but the setting is not on by default (coolwsd)
      • (Andras) we still need to decide if it will be backported or not
      • Marco introduced new cypress tests for impress full screen animations
        • (Rashesh) reviewed and merge

Forum (Pedro and Rahsesh)

GitHub activity

Design bits

  • Lots of formula-bar ergonomic fixes from Szymon (Szymon)
    • Fixed shortcuts (was hurting UX)
    • Also fixed selctions (wrong position of carret)
    • Needs more test around MacOS (option key )
  • Content Controls
    • improved the form tab where they are – so they look better, icons fixed.
    • Some polishing ongoing here that needs testing.
    • (Rashesh)
      • There is a bug you cannot insert a picture, working on it
    • Improvements around User avatar list and fix for weird overlapping and not closing the popover
      • WE also have now additional indicator for the person we are following
      • Still the “Following” string needs translation (only on master)
    • Context menu unreadable menu entries on mouseover → this got fixed (only on master)

Release Schedule (Andras)

  • WE just released the CODE 22.05 ← major milestone
    • WE we find bugs or other reports we might do bug fixes and release right after
    • And of course we then release the stable CO 22.05
  • We stop releasing CODE 21.11

Other ongoing work

  • (Ezinne): taking la ook to all the Github issues but they do share a common problem: difficult to reproduce (probably users are not feeding us enough info)
    • Tried to help people on how to show (picture or log) but it ends up not being a bug but it is actually how it supposes to be
    • But I need some inputs from Kendy: Notes for presentations · Issue #4937 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
    • (Kendy) best way to answer is to say that it is not in our short term plans to add that but we can most def. Add to our list of possible enhancements etc
    • (Kendy) maybe worth it to close it after? Or maybe let it open in the case someone wants to work
    • (Pedro) Maybe we could create a different label/tag for these type of issues
  • (Pranam): Trying to improve the writer comments (specially undo comments)

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