Review Menu - Accept/Reject all buttons

We are trying Collabora in our team and one of the most important issues is with these buttons.
In general in documents with many changes it’s good to navigate with next/previous change or clicking directly in one change and then accept or reject that particular change.
Have buttons for accept/reject all is important, but I think it is necessary to have just accept or reject one.
It is possible to add those ones?
We have investigated but couldn’t find the way.

Many thanks in advance.
Best regards

Hey @Nanopuntouy. Welcome to the forum and thanks for trying Collabora. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… I’m not that familiar with Tracked Changes. How are you and your team using it?

How do other tools deal with this? Could you show some examples/screenshots?

But this is what I found while poking around:


  • Review > Manage Changes

you can then get access to:

  • A list of all the tracked changes
  • 4 buttons for:
    • Accept
    • Reject
    • Accept All
    • Reject All

Which might help do what you want. :slight_smile:

That sounds like a nice enhancement.

Do you have a Github account?

If you do, you could submit a “Feature Request” in the Collabora Online github page:

Hi Tex,

Thank you very much for your answer.

I have seen this tool, and I think it is a good start.
In my experience, you can navigate through the changes and accept them individually. However, if you click on one change on a page, the manager doesn’t move to this particular change; it would be very useful if it could do it. So you can have both possibilities: (1) navigate using the manager and (2) click directly in the document, and the manager can go to this particular change.

As I have seen it is possible to apply a particular change using the contextual menu; it is probably just a question of adding a pair of buttons with that command. This idea is because they are quite common in most of the WYSIWYG text processors. But the improvement of the manager can also be a good implementation.

Yes, I have a GitHub account. I can submit a Feature request.

Best regards

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Sorry I missed this one.

For example this is in Word:

Screenshot (295)

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And below the implementation in the last Libreoffice version.


I just noticed that Libreoffice also has the manager, but it doesn’t work when you click in the text expecting the manager point to this change.

Best regards

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removed just a reply I wrote and that was really wrong :slight_smile:

Hi @Nanopuntouy

Your suggesting for adding the buttons Accept/Reject to the tabbed bar is clear :slight_smile:

And the other request:

Is useful too, since on the desktop applications navigating to a change by clicking on it in the manager is working.

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Hi @cornouws

Not sure if I understood the question.
In Liberoffice it works, and at least in the Collabora online version we have the manager also works.
I did a short video to illustrate the situation
You can find it in the following link (I can not attach files here yet):

The manager I think is ok because using it you can go change by change and accept or discard. However if you select a change in the text, the manager doesn’t point the change in its window.

So suppose the following case, that it is a common case in our team, a document with about 15 - 20 pages, edited by 4-6 persons. You will have changes everywhere, sometimes just correction of typos, or change in the sentences, add info etc.
Suppose that you are the person that have to check the changes in a specific paragraph in the page 3 and then in the page 10. In order to use the manager it is good to go to the page 3 click in the first change and then if the manager point to this change you can just continue using the manager, then go to the page 10 and do the same.
Right now you can navigate in the manager but it is not easy to identify changes in the page 3 or the page 10. So if it was possible to implement the possibility to click in the change in the text and the manager moves to this change, in my opinion would be very useful.

Not sure if I answered your question.
Let me know if you need more info.


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thanks @Nanopuntouy for the extra explanation. Clear & does make a lot of sense to extend the functionality in online!

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(hmm, this is weird… opening a test file again, it does work as expected… Looks a bit on & off at the moment, not what one would expect…)

What version are you working in, @Nanopuntouy ?
In at least COOLWSD version it (~) works for me.

Hey @Nanopuntouy ,

Looks like your Accept/Reject buttons just got added:

Collabora Online 24.04.1 is going to have it.

Thanks for the great input! :slight_smile:

Here is the exact commit in Github:

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Thank you very much!
Sorry for the delay in the reply, I was traveling for Eastern and left the computer at home.

Hi, @cornouws we are working with the same version Maybe it’s a specific configuration, I will ask the admin. We are learning about the different options.

Thank you all for your help!

Best regards

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