"Save as" does not do anything?

I wanted to implement save as, but I realized that pressing it does not do anything. I do not get a request on the putFileRelative route, there is nothing in the console of the libre office container. Nothing happens.

Am I misunderstanding something or is this not supposed to happen and how can I fix that?

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Same here.
Anybody can help?

Hi Anselm,
File > Save As should show a popup to enter the new name.
If that doesn’t appear, there’s a problem with the installation/version it seems?

@Anselm and @77x if you are trying to implement save as (maybe trying to integrate Collabora Online in your own app) these should help:


Oh wow, I was not expecting you guys putting that much thought into it.
I thought I’d get a request on one of my backend routes and that I’d have to tell my frontend via websocket that it should show the save as stuff.

Great work from you and thanks for the help!

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