Saving ods, xlsx, csv to home NAS


I am unable to save/edit xlsx, csv, ods, txt formatted file to my home NAS. The file and directory have 777 permissions and I am able to edit/save from other devices (Windows, Linux, MAC) through various other applications (LibreOffice, MS Office).
My version of Collabora Office is free and is affecting all the following devices: Samsung Tab s7 w/Android 10 and Samsung Tab S8 Ultra w/Android 14 and Pixel 5 w/Android 14.

Thanks for any assistance

Hey @fidelquintela, welcome to the forum and thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

Do you mean not being able to save a file to your device by pressing:

  • File > Save As?

We’re probably going to need a little more info on your setup too:

  • What OS + version?
  • Are there any errors appearing in the command line?
  • How are you visiting on your Android devices? Which browser/versions?
    • Any errors?
  • Is your NAS running… Nextcloud?
    • Which version?
  1. There is no Save As on the mobile version. There is only a green check mark in the upper left corner and a blue one to exit. I will provide screenshots in a later post.

  2. I listed all the devices and OS’es in the original post

  3. I’m not sure what is meant by errors in the command line? Do you mean when I chmoded to 777? No, there were no errors.

  4. My Android devices are mapped to my NAS via native Samsung File Explorer and also using FileManager + [version 3.3.1]. I have also tried CXExplorer [version 2.1.7] but same issue.

  5. There are no errors per se. The only message/alert states Unable to save, access denied. I have no issue saving files to local storage on each device, only to my NAS. I am skeptical there is an obvious permissions issue because the directory and files within are all 777 permissions and I am able to save, edit, delete, create files in that same directory on Windows, Linux and MAC devices using LibreOffice or MS Office

  6. My NAS is XigmaNAS. I’ll have to get the version later today