Can't open .ods files from Google Drive on Andriod app

Using Collabora Andriod app version
Trying to open file from Google Drive. .odt and .csv and others seem to work. But can not open .ods files (file name is greyed out).
Have tried this both on a Samsung phone and Samsung tablet. Same results.

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Hey @b5baxter, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I see I already answered you on the LibreOffice subreddit too:

To make sure we don’t lose track, I’m going to summarize a lot of the info here too!

You say that:

  • ODT / CSV open fine.
  • ODS doesn’t open.

You need to:

  • Have some ODS documents on Google Drive.
  • Try to open Google Drive’s files using Collabora Office (Android).

Then you gave these step-by-step instructions for the Collabora Office app:

  1. Select open icon
  2. Select menu (Open from)
  3. Select “Drive”
  4. Navigate to the folder, - .ods files are greyed out.

And I recommended for you to test:

If that doesn’t work, we’ll definitely get you into a Bug Report issue at the Collabora Github.

Side Note: It may be related to these 2 older iOS issues:

which I found by searching “Google Drive” inside the Collabora Github.