Version: Unbearable scrolling issue on Mac

I have been reading in many post that many is experiencing this issue. Is there a way to fix this on my side as I have tried to restart the program and even my mac. The scrolling issue is unbearable. unable to scroll in documents even if it is one page. I tried with spreadsheets and the scrolling is slightly better but still is not a joy to use when it is seemless on Googlesheets instead.

Is there something I need to fix or adjust the settings to help me on the scrolling issue. Because currently I am reluctant to use it, and I have paid $10 for a software that is considered unusable.

Hey @xhanssx. Welcome to the forum + thanks for the input. :slight_smile:

Hmm, so this is:

  • Collabora Office 23.05.10?

Q1. Did this Mac slowdown just happen recently?

So 23.05.6 was fine, but 23.05.10 is now super slow?

Q2. Can you also give your exact:

  • Help > About Collabora Office

Q3. Is this happening in Writer/Calc? All documents or some documents?

Where have you been reading this? Can you link to some? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Does anything happen if you go into:

  • Tools > Options
  • Collabora Office > View
  • UNCHECK “Use hardware acceleration” button
  • Then exit out of Collabora and open it again from scratch.

Here’s a screenshot of where it should be:

Q1. my Mac doesnt slow down with other apps while using the software.
Version: (X86_64)
Build ID: 17467f5956a13c5fcee27507ea60d15cdda473ed
CPU threads: 4; OS: Mac OS X 12.7.5; UI render: default; VCL: osx
Locale: en-GB (en_GB.UTF-8); UI: en-GB
Calc: threaded

Q3. all documents seems have the same effects including spreadsheets.

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I have changed the settings according to the screen shot provided. the jittering has improved but not smooth. Is there a way to make it much better? With this rate, I can continue to use Callabora. :slight_smile:

P.S. I have fully uninstall Ms Office from my Mac, happy to be part of the open source softwares.

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I expect it would be best to use a system or application profiling tool on Mac to try to isolate where the problem is in the code - probably with XCode: Profiling an application in Mac OS X · GitHub has some details on various approaches there - I expect linking that to an up-stream ticket is a good idea too at - so that the whole community is aware. Thanks !

Hi Mmeeks,

I wasnt expecting to go through something like this. Anyways, I have gone through your advice.

  1. XCode - I am unable to forward here, but I have uploaded it on my Google Drive. Click on the link to download the file.
    sysdiagnose_2024.05.25_09-15-25+0200_macOS_MacBookAir7-2_21H1222.tar.gz - Google Drive

  2. I have reported the bug to the online platform
    161272 – Significant lag when scrolling documents and spreadsheets in Mac Collabora Office


Thanks for that - XCode has a profiler which would sample the application and tell us where the time is spent; the sysdiagnose thing is risky and huge; I would un-publish that if you can. Thanks for reporting up-stream; it seems your reproduction steps involve disabling hardware acceleration - what happens with that turned on ?=)

Here´s the interesting part, I tried to enable the hardware acceleration. The selection never sticked. I tried a few different methods, it failed to stick.

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Ah - great to know that your performance problem is fixed in 24.02 - we’ll be pulling up to our CO 24.04 version shortly in the Mac app store.

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Thanks for the info and LO Bug Report @xhanssx . :slight_smile:

Can you try one more thing?

  • Uninstall Collabora Office.
  • Reinstall Collabora Office.

I actually brought your topic up during last week’s “Collabora Community Weekly” meeting… and it reminded me of these recent topics too:

Or this user’s comment 2 months ago:

Looks like quite a few other recent Mac users have been having strange “slowness” issues on LO 24.2 too.


And yes, like @mmeeks said, hopefully the soon-to-be-released 24.04 will fix a lot of this for you. :slight_smile:

Great to hear. Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

  1. Uninstalled and reinstalled the software.
  2. Now, it software has gone from OK to worst.
  • opening a new ODT - no problem.
  • opening an existing DOCX file (Small - 1 page & Large > 1 page) , the software crashes.
  • opening an existing ODS - no problem.
  • opening PDF - no problem.


  • in Mac, when you open a file/programme in full screen, it gives you the full screen that automatically opens up a new virtual screen. So that, you can swipe side ways to view the other screen, this can be multiple as many times as you wish without any effect to the performance. With Collabora, I am unable to open it to fullscreen, it opens as a full window but not full screen.