Status: quikee week 17, 2023

T37654 Add basic interoperable document theming to Calc & Writer

  • integrated all the master gerrit patches
  • backport all theming patches to co-23.05
    • fix backport differences
  • make Theme Dialog work in COOL again
    • change has been cooking for a while in my GitHub repo
    • fix the code conflict of the branch compared to master
    • fix entry in “compact” view - added to a wrong place
    • merged the GitHub CR

T41896 Impress: Font size changes when texts are added

  • found the issue - the text scaling is 0 because the text box size returned is 0
    • therefor the text wrongly scaled
  • fixed by setting the scaling to 100% in those cases
  • pushed to master, co-23.05, co-22.05