Status report: consultancy team, week 27, 2023


— Docx Import - character style font size lost

  • Fix provided

— Docx import - blank last line forced to Normal style (loses applied style)

  • the backport to 7-5 was pushed


  • continued working on Draw/Impress dark mode related bugs, namely the fact that changing to Dark mode on one client seems to send an invalidate tiles callback to all clients
  • should be fixed after the patch is merged in Draw, may also exist in Writer and Calc
  • will need some investigating there too


Add basic interoperable document theming to Calc & Writer:

  • Got all into master, fixing Jenkins found issues
  • Added support for shapes in ThemeColorChanger
  • Added Undo/Redo for Styles, some support for shapes
  • Finishing support for Undo/Redo for direct formatting