Status report: consultancy team, week 2, 2024




The mouse doesn’t get activated in the cell that it needs to be

  • Implemented to change the GridView window size in the LOK call to
    • Seems this works fine as we always have a client area for a reasonable
      area for a view
    • Needed to make sure the conversion from to pixel size is done correctly
  • Test for the issue (revert to the initial state)
    • As in the test we don’t call paintTile it is already wrong for the first
      • only paintTile sets the GridView size - to the document size
    • Use a document with wide first column so it is easy to hit outside the
      800px position (default size of the GridView)
    • Send a mouse down/up event - left size, right side of the cell
    • Check what cell got select, which should always be the first cell in the
      first wide column
    • Also implement checking in the second view - just to make sure that one
      also works correctly
    • Was able to reproduce the issue in the test - nice
    • The solution with the SetClientVisibleArea solved the issue, but we need
      to set the client area in the test
  • Changed the paintTile to not set the GridView window size
    • as now the size is set in the SetClientVisibleArea and it should be
      relatively sane value
    • testing it seems that there rendering tiles doesn’t seem to be
    • but not safe to push into a stable branch
    • needs more extensive testing


Worked on: