Status report: consultancy team, week 9, 2024



Worked on:

  • Span is closed twice in exported ReqIF-XHTML
  • Calc: Moving through cells in XLSX adjusts cells
  • Calc: Strange behavior after adding sheet while in chart wizard


Hack week:

  • Looked into Graphic lifecycle and management, so we can save memory
    and increase speed
    • idea is to integrate MipMap into the memory management
    • started with a better memory Manager, that is independent of the
      resource (not just ImpGraphic)
      • can be unit tested
      • will make it possible to move the code from Graphic into BitmapEx
        (or ManagedBitmap) and corresponding classes for other Graphic contained
    • changes to the drawinglayer so the VCL handles Graphic and doesn’t
      decompose to BitmapEx
      • needed for MipMap
    • investigated how to create and handle Bitmaps
      • ideas to change them to be immutable
    • looked into the GraphicFilter - loading bitmaps should result in a
      BitmapEx and not Graphic
      • so we can use it inside Graphic to load-on-demand instead of
        current hack
    • empty Graphic shouldn’t register with the memory Manager
    • a lot to do for such a small time - just a hack to determine what
      is possible
    • will write a report of the findings and TODO for the future changes


Worked on: