Status report: consultancy team, week 24, 2023


  • look over online coverity issues
  • ofz#59759 Null-dereference READ
  • ofz#59762 Out-of-memory
  • fontwork svg preview throws with missing “Background” prop
  • master slide doesn’t export to svg
    155791 – export of default impress slide master to svg fails with General Error
  • resize svg crash
  • some coverity findings in online
  • try to get disable_canceltiles merged again
    → success
  • experiment with an unpremultipy table
    → didn’t really make a big difference in the end
    → I’m wary that we focus on the performance in asan staging
    because that’s where we do the community meeting but
    some of these profile hot spots are minimal in an opt
  • fix new coverity warnings
  • review and merge some patches
  • ofz#59817 Heap-buffer-overflow READ 8
  • cid#1532384 Out-of-bounds read
    • and chase branches to where it was merged
  • play with chrome profiler
  • when we scroll a spreadsheet and get a noticeable
    pause before the blank area gets filled in where is
    anything actually happening.
  • try and get delta_rle merged
    → probably unrelated ci failures
  • see if I can measure a difference
    → a little I feel
  • play around to see if we could elide unpremultiplying entirely
    → it might be that createImageBitmap {premultiplyAlpha: ‘none’}
    would pass through the image data without modification to a
    premultiplied destination, have to deal with a painful
    ‘Promise’ there though
    GitHub - caolanm/online at avoid_unpremul


  • ReqIF schema validation errors during listing export

    • Provided the next fix
  • Improvements for the LanguageTool integration

    • Created a change (a text in REST protocol filed telling to keep it empty for LanguageTool)
  • Signature page which uses table is formatted incorrectly when opening in Collabora/LibreOffice

    • On it


  • Fixed issue where edit engine would not view separate correctly - should work correctly for Writer/Impress/Draw/Calc now
  • Working on Impress/Draw Presentation view separation when having multiple slides
  • Looking into why dark mode doesn’t seem to work


Add basic interoperable document theming to Calc & Writer

  • Resolve why tests fail when import/export sets
    CharBackgroundComplexColor property
    • needed for background theme support
    • found the issue
    • need to add support for the property also into editeng
    • in editeng it uses SvxColorItem and not SvxBrushItem
    • this means wrong member ID’s but no warning - as the switch hit
      “default:” instead
    • so the value was never set or rewritten because of “default” case
    • fixed
    • also added test for text background theme color import/export
  • Removed code to set the shape fill to a theme accent color for now
  • we get green shapes by default because of that - instead of LO blue
  • the issue is this is set as direct formatting and not set in the
    default style for shapes
  • which is a valid criticism
  • setting the style properties in impress is currently not supported
    (it will be resolved when Calc support is added)
  • because of this issue - remove the code for now (needs to be
    rewritten anyway for style support)
  • Back to Calc theme support
  • get the patches up-to-date
  • start backporting the code into co-23.05 (better sooner than later)