Status report: consultancy team, week 21, 2023


  • CollaboraOnline#6379 limit whole document invalidation
    • two invalidations seen on each join of a user to a session
    • first crude stab at this just results in a cppunit failure
      that undo didn’t redraw anything
  • fix the CppunitTest_toolkit_a11y regression so I could get a
    working build
  • CollaboraOnline#6379 categorize all the uses of
    LockPaint/UnlockPaint with an enum so I can see which of them
    is the one triggering the Invalidation on join
    • “OuterResize” which looks like we could avoid and get away with
      for the online case
  • fix tdf#155350 an IM and autocorrect issue which is pinned on me as
    a regression
  • merge CollaboraOnline#6379 invalidation improvement
    • I don’t see any invalidations when someone joins now
  • brief meeting about impress performance
  • play around with javascript debugger in chrome and the
    artificial network latency thingy
  • COOL Weekly meeting
  • CollaboraOnline#6379 didn’t make the build so no evidence yet
    if it will have any effect on fail
  • Play around with the COOL meeting document to see if there are
    other whole document invalidations which we might be stumbling
    into frequently. I see clicking down the left margin can put the
    cursor before the bullet, in which case in desktop we redraw all
    the buttons of that list and level with the field background.
    Online invalidates the whole doc, but redraws without a field bg,
    so that looks promising to cut out
  • ponder what Socket.js and CanvasTileLayer.js do a little
  • I can see the tiles arrive and get queued up for rendering
  • remove the focus in numbering invalidations for online
  • merge in pluby’s iOS build fix and canvas memory usage
    reduction effort
  • That COOL Weekly meeting document also invalidates entirely if
    I click in the top page margin, where a header would be if there
    was a header. That can’t help our case much as it looks a natural
    place to click into to set focus into the document.
  • cut out that Invalidation too. Clicking and cursoring all around
    this meeting minutes doc doesn’t show me any remaining invalidations


  • ReqIF schema validation errors during listing export

    • Fixes submitted
  • ReqIF xhtml schema validation for right side aligned tables

    • Fix submitted
  • ReqIF schema violation while converting certain listing[…]

    • Fix submitted


  • Continued debugging dark mode graphic dragging bug
  • Added a way to optionally dump the tiles as they come in
  • Also looking at Draw/Impress bug with edit engine, when editing text with
    multiple views open


Add basic interoperable document theming to Calc & Writer

  • Prepared patches for co-23.05, got patches into master
  • Changed the ODF names to use complex-color and full color names
  • make tests to use flat ODF format, so we can easily adjust the names if
  • Work on properly tint/shade colors in the color picker
    • reverse engineered how MSO uses the colors
    • not just one array of transformation values but 5
    • pure white and black have a special set of transform values
    • otherwise which array of values is taken depends on color luminance
    • crashes, figuring out why