Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #59

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #59

Date: Feb 10 2022

Next meeting: 17/02/2022

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  • Pedro, Andras, Michael, Andreas, Ezinne, Gabriel, Gokay, Kendy, Szymon, Nicolas, Pranam

Community updates ( )

Before that, note: Do you see the butchered info bar? (feel free to scroll and close it). Either it’s not up to date or there was a commit that introduced that regression. It should look like this:

GitHub activity:

Forum activity:

  • Reports of Office.vue problem:

  • Asks for examples of how to create plugins

    • similar SDK docs needed for plugins. → AI: GitHub repository add info

  • Richdocuments Pr (from Henry) got merged → for the infobar

    • Julius was mentioning that maybe we could somehow link to the NC settings

      • They have a panel / area re: updates …

      • But somehow either this is not up dated or someone else push a revert → AI: talk to Gokay to check

  • Problems creating new documents from custom ott template

    • patches merged to richdocuments.

    • This still happened with latest docker image using built in (FOSDEM)

      • Talked with Julius, will check if he can do anything about it

        • was not aware; perhaps something else to do in the builtin richdocuments.

      • Ezinne → to chase this … & get a ticket filed.

Design bits (Andreas K)

  • CSS vars wins from Andreas K

    • can look different between COOL & Nextcloud Offic

    • how the future UI should look

    • working on this; want to have the mockup done in richdocuments

      • have the same colors consistently.

  • How should we make these changes so they can be reviewed easily ?

    • Switch from hard-coded to variable;

    • Pedro has lots to do, how best to prepare this so its easy to review.

    • Doing a good job (Pedro)

    • Contrast problems being reported (Pedro)

    • One PR 4119 → does all the variable changes.

      • With a screenshot – of each – change before and after.

      • Perfect (Pedro)

        • worth trying to run the tests – in gitpod.

  • Goal is to meet the mockup from richdocuments

  • notebookbar – new ‘view’ tab.

    • Show ruler/status bar transformed to toggles

    • Status bar toggle fixes

    • Ruler toggle needs to get status on load (but it does not use ui manager it’s created on core and then received) → Mert working on it

  • Backporting dialogs improvements

  • Fixes for Calc mobile around formula bar

    • already merged to 6-4

    • Need to check errors on master

What we’re up to (Gokay)

  • Focused on impress issue – text-boxes not saving content (Szymon)

  • Welcome box should be fixed – Henry did a change – not yet merged.

  • Remote configuration work – JSON to fetch (Rashesh)

    • Useful for approved WOPI servers … eg.

    • didn’t come to cases this would be useful for us (Gabriel)

  • Async-save – yet more fixing here from Ash

    • testing it now.

  • RTL fixes & various other fixes.

Schedule & update (Andras)

  • Created a new release branch co-21.11-2 will release from there

    • branched off master of online this morning.

  • Next week a CODE-release, +2 weeks have 21.11.2 final

  • Async-save should be in a stable state (Gokay)

    • fun problems: how to resolve conflicts with no user (?) …

Nextcloud bits (Gokay)

  • Working on hamburger menu & UI in general.

  • Releasing a new update yesterday / these days

    • fixes mis-positioning of the iframe in case of link / shared documents

  • font-up-loading is coming along.

  • Notebookbar configuration option ?

    • Not there yet...

FOSDEM (Pedro)

1&1 bits (Gabriel)

  • Found some important issues:

    • annoying – open a new page in a text document – takes 1 minute in collaborative editing: put cursor on last line of the last page, and press – ‘enter’

      • Don’t know what the status is for the last two days.

      • Can you reproduce & work out what is going on (Michael)

        • file a ticket – and give some simple steps …

  • Saving → needs re-testing …

  • Not seeing any output in the JS console at all (Michael)

    • not great for protocol & debugging

GSOC (Pedro/Gokay)

  • Now have a nice page:


      • s/planning/hoping to/

    • Filling in the gaps in the navigator idea.

      • eg. Dark Mode

    • Gallery on the sidebar – nice to have in COOL

      • discussed it already – more or less prepared in the core.

    • AI: Needs more Mobile emphasis in titles/delivery (Pedro)

    • Gallery bits are black-boxes (Andreas K)

      • more use of a picture as galary, XML file for description etc.

      • could be improved in LibreOffice.

    • Navigator: (Andreas K)

      • on GSOC – you have a slider – you see the TOC

        • a scroll-bar feature – you see the header of what section you’re in.

    • AI: chase Mert & Kendy for mobile ideas (Gokay)

    • Formula-bar in spreadsheet (Andreas K)

      • making this a native JS-dialog thing (?)

        • a great idea (Kendy)

    • Zooming on mobile (Andreas K)

      • view the page, very tidy – edit it is 100% zoom factor – can be too big

      • Gdocs solved rather better – could be improved on mobile.

      • Is this a good scale of problem ? (Michael)

        • can we switch to the web-view in the core ? (Kendy)

          • think this may be global for all views (Michael)

      • Andreas to create a screenshot / spec. of what happens here & some other mobile paper-cuts.

  • Gabriel’s ideas:

    • AI: file moving more dialogs to native HTML / CSS (Szymon)

      • can you create a wiki page for this (Andreas K)

        • would like to have it documented.

    • Why not the templates ? (Gabriel)

      • SfxMedium is a bit of a horror – as are templates (Michael)

        • we can use odt / odp etc. as templates by using TemplateSource in CheckFileInfo

        • so – no real need for doc vs. dot etc.

      • Usually easier to edit templates in fat application (Kendy)

        • if you like to mentor it – why not; there is an UNO command for it.

Easy bug(s) (Pedro)

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