Status report: consultancy team, week 22, 2023


  • Collabora#6423 pre-cache impress slides client-side
  • CollaboraOnline#6423 Restore precache next slide
  • CollaboraOnline#6423 _removeTile nearly never populates the
  • tdf#109149 reduce frequency of polling default windows printer
  • don’t enable field shadings in online case on dark mode
  • Prepare & issue Blind XSS in Admin console advisory
  • debug whole document invalidations
  • Issue Security Bulletin
  • Fix writer accessibility use-after-free seen in staging
  • Investigate potential cause of error
  • discover that compiler warnings can result in partial builds on
  • tdf#122081 null-deref of SwFootnoteFrame
  • find and fix white on white in calc
  • profile iconview and add freeze/thaw
  • profile iconview and use lighter png generation
  • interactive performance meeting
  • CollaboraOnline#6514: examine TileQueue std::remove_if


  • Improvements for the LanguageTool integration

    • Started
    • A regression fixed, that broke LanguageTool server in 7.6 and 7.5.4
    • Double-tested that if read literally, the request to provide suggestions
      for language variants works (all Spanish variants not directly handled by LT
      are handled by generic ‘es’ fallback)
    • On the other hand, there is no way to fine-control LanguageTool for such
      languages in the Edit Modules dialog
      • This is by design, because the language list there is built based on the
        languages reported by the language modules; and e.g. when there’s no Hunspell
        dictionaries, the list will not contain different Spanish variants - only
        those provided directly by LanguageTool
      • Hence, how should we configure such languages?
      • Started improving the language list - deduplication, sorting,… -
        possibly then it would be possible to use grouping?
  • Upstream

    • Fixed several own regressions


  • Fixed dark mode bug where dragging a graphic around would sometimes generate
    bad deltas - this was because the copy commands would sometimes be merged even
    when the copy would reach outside the bounds of the first tile.
  • Still working on other dark mode bugs, namely:
    • Draw/Impress preview seems to not work correctly with dark mode
    • Draw/Impress edit engine seems to not work correctly with dark mode
    • Calc row/column headers seem to be the wrong color when swapping modes -
      may be js related
    • Writer spell online view separation is untested and maybe not working


Add basic interoperable document theming to Calc & Writer

  • Most patches in co-23.05
    • ODF name changes are in
  • Color picker now properly creates variants
  • Theme color palette callback for COOL
    • sends the theme color palette when it changes
    • also when the view is registered so the client should always have the
      latest theme color palette available
      • idea is that the client stores the palette locally so no need to send
        anything when the color picker is opened
  • Various bug fixes and re-factorings
  • Some new properties are now color theme-able
    • WIP


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