Status report: Pedro, week 17, 2023

Week 17

  • Towards a better 23.05 (master branch state)

    • Better run out of space message
    • Add missing icons
    • Fixed tabbed view inaccessible controls [not merged]
    • Fixed listview icon sizes
    • Fixed sidebar dropdowns [not merged]
    • Fixed impress sidebar trigger btns [not merged]
    • Fixed hover and background problems left and right
  • Talked with Attilla and created mock-up related to navigator Enable document Navigator · Issue #6248 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub

  • Community communication

    • Weekly meeting
    • Talked with Mike D. (Tex), good to see hist first answer in the forum
    • New category created for status report (forum / mailing list)
    • More communication and tickets out in the open
      • Talked with Andreas K. → Dark mode
  • Answered/fixed support tickets

  • Discussed and tested linking API with Julius H. (NC) see GH issues starting with “[Linking API]”

  • Found interesting richdocuments bug → reported to QA, Ezinne on it macOS - Primary Color becomes dark · Issue #2929 · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub