Status report: consultancy team, week 38, 2023


  • fix cppunit test for Schedule conditional formating repaint after
    filtering is completed
  • work on urp some more
    • can be made to work with a dedicated thread and potentially
      fragile passing control of poll to that thread while main thread
      is blocked
  • fix tdf#157168 “GtkSpinButton ignores out-of-range value instead of
    limiting to range” regression at hackfest
  • fix tdf#152675 “treat all cairo versions <= 1.17.8 the same” for
    missing row of pixels in some versions.



Current goal: implement edge pathfinding


  • implemented orthogonal edge pathfinding when waypoint list is
    partially specified (i.e. when waypoints are specified then source
    or target is moved)
    o moves floating endpoints if last (or first) waypoint is still in
    correct direction from shape
    o otherwise adds new waypoint
  • implemented orthogonal edge pathfinding when start or end direction
    is fixed
    o calculates waypoint list point by point based on current
    direction, target point and direction, source and target positions
    o direction is only fixed when the shape in question is rotated by
    a multiple of 90 degrees

Next steps:

  • overlapping shapes
  • add support for more edge styles
  • add support for curved orthogonal edges



  • Continued working on “Improved easy to use conditional formatting
    UI”, need a bit more time to finish.