Status report: consultancy team, week 45, 2023



  • Question: After saving signed document, signing is
    removed, but macros remain signed (DGFIP)
    • A mess of interaction
    • DocumentMacroMode::adjustMacroMode calls hasTrustedScriptingSignature,
      which asks to enable macros
    • But then may disable it
    • Or ask again in “confirmation is required” section …
    • Contradicting requirements
    • A compromise is to start with Medium level (Thorsten cares about the
      default High), and later do changes keeping the hardened security by default
      (have a configuration).
    • Created a bunch of changes
    • Last changes in the task.
    • Samuel pointed out, that an expert configuration
      (officecfg::office::Common::Security::Scripting::CheckDocumentEvents) allows
      to disable the hardened security for High level; so my plan to introduce one
      is now obsolete; nice! Missed that, because it was hidden under
      ‘GetMacroCallsSeenWhileLoading()’ call.
    • Backporting to 7-6.
  • Libre Office build without ssl implementations
    • fixing build…
    • Found the three elements in /,
      present in master


First-page header and footer from and to DOCX

  • Move all header/footer tests into one place
    • much easier to test the various scenarios instead of having the test
      spread out in multiple ooxmlexport* and ooxmlimport* classes
  • Change copying of page styles with first, left, right header/footer
    • split into 2 methods
    • first one copy whole page style - source content will be copied to
      target content
    • second copy method can be parameterized, copying only what content makes
      sense (and is not yet set)
    • first copy is used when making a new page style for even/odd only pages
    • second copy is used when we have linked headers/footers in sections and
      we need to copy specific (not set) content
    • copying also needs to clean the already set content in the page style -
      so we don’t append the content by mistake
  • Fixed some tests:
    • evenAndOdd setting enabled
    • title page enabled