Status Report Week 19


Worked on

  • Background of cell with conditional format not
    copied to HTML

In progress

  • Cell background not shown in online


Worked on

  • Download/Export functionality on “images**”**

In Progress

  • PDFium: “signature” not imported, export is mostly empty


Worked on

  • Many PRs are passing without any problem. Sometimes multi-user tests flag false positives

  • Enabled more desktop tests this week.

  • Some lines regarding to copy-paste-container needed to be commented out. Those need another look and copy-paste-container behaviour needs to be checked (note for myself).

  • Some of the disabled tests are real positives.

In progress ​​​​​

  • Document conflict handling with EnableOwnerTermination

  • Will try to remove check-notebookbar. I merged notebookbar tests with other desktop tests. We will be able to remove notebookbar related parts from makefile. check-notebookbar didn’t allow us to run “run-notebookbar” (interactive test runner)

  • Will try to enable more mobile tests.


Working on

  • Killing long time taking test file

  • Word got a lot of false negative results of initial fails so files never got converted

  • Disinfecting the problems caused on the testing data by by script and false negative

In Progress

  • Find the cause of word with lot of false negative results.


Worked on

  • Timesheet does not open correctly in Calc

  • Column C: Fixed in co-23.05, ported to co-22.05 and master.

  • Column F: Root cause: Named Table structured references are not supported by INDIRECT() Have a fix in gerrit.

In progress

  • working on a minimal document and unit test for this.


Worked on

  • jsdialog accelerators for labels

  • image properties dialogs conversion to jsdialog

  • jsdialog jumping glitch

  • cannot close macro dialog

  • jsdialog expander fix

In progress

  • started preparing slides for JSDialog training

  • navigator in separate panel


Worked on

  • rpm packaging of COOL 23.05

  • backported Armin’s multicolor gradient patches to COOL 23.05