Status Report Week 20


In progress

  • CODE/COOL: Japanese cannot be entered in the formula bar of Calc

Worked on

  • Calc: Cell background not shown in online

​​​​​In Progress

  • PDFium: “signature” not imported, export is mostly empty

Worked on

  • Download/Export functionality on “images**”**

In Progress

  • I may continue with Cypres 22.05 - will consult Andras.

Worked on

  • Disable multi-user tests

  • Remove check-notebookbar.

  • Check document conflict message.

    • Hoping to finalize on Monday: Merge shortcuts work into core master branch.


In progress

  • Working on new context menu for slide sorter

  • Working on hide/show slides

  • next: copy/cut slides

Worked on

  • Detected and mso crashing problem and fixed it

  • stoped failed files which crash infecting others

  • deployed newer version of the mso tester


In progress

  • Crash on Staging 23.05 heap-use-after-free after delete+undo


In progress

  • improve script for crash reports from staging

Worked on

  • linking api: fixed issues

  • jsdialog: document load error popup fix

  • jsdialog: performance in tabbed dialogs

  • jsdialog: RTL mode dialogs position

  • navigator: added to menu, switching fix

  • mentoring:

    • Shehr - fixed first issue

    • Darshan - dark mode icons


In progress

  • Impress: Crash when deleting slides with certain steps (23.05)

Worked on

  • Filter columns can disappear in pivot tables


Worked on

  • CODE 23.05 packages

  • translation updates