Status Report Week 21


In progress

  • Calc: Clicking on Right does nothing

Worked on

  • Column Width Accepts Invalid Input Resulting in
    Sheet Corruption


In Progress

  • PDFium: “signature” not imported, export is mostly empty


In progress

  • Disabling the new PDF options dialog

​​​​Worked on

  • Impress: Crash when deleting slides with certain steps (23.05)


In progress

  • Files can’t be opened in Chrome-based browsers


In progress

  • Continue with comments’ accessibility.

Worked on

  • Finalized shortcuts core master port.

  • Reviewed 2 PRs.

  • Started with German keyboard short cut checks.

  • Checked shortcuts on MS 365.

  • Updated the list.

  • Trying to add shortcuts to office.

  • Checked shortcuts for Calc and added some of the missing ones for German language.

  • Start with Writer shortcuts.

  • Finalize Writer shortcuts.


In progress

  • improve script for crash reports from staging

  • formulabar input in Japanese

  • prepared draft, have idea how to solve correctly

Worked on

  • autofilter: fixed position in 23.05

  • linking api: fixed endless response for calc and impress thumbnails

  • jsdialogs: fixed incorrect JSON generation in core’s JsonWriter

  • performance: don’t reload notebookbar when new user joins

  • regression caused by Zotero integration


In progress

  • Impress: Context menu in Slides Pane

  • Impress: Support hiding slides (GH#6110, BCCU#2057)

Worked on

  • implemented automatic restart mechanism in MSO automatic testing
    (was necessary as it kept getting stuck on some dialog and waiting for
    user inputs)

  • Implemented duplicating slides to specific position for

  • copy/paste slide