Status Report Week 22


Working on

  • Calc - Mobile: Closing hamburger menu moves icons to the center

Worked on

  • RTL: Tunneled dropdowns only open with long click


Working on

  • Empty UserId in Views_List

Worked on

  • PDFium: “signature” not imported, export is mostly empty


Working on

  • Numbering with styles

Worked on

  • Disabling the new PDF options dialog


Working on

  • Files can’t be opened in Chrome-based browsers


Working on

  • formulabar input in Japanese
  • prepared draft, have idea how to solve correctly

​​​​Worked on

  • looked at css icons rewriting - I think it’s ok for dark mode
  • checked how to modify color pickers for document themes
  • ASAN logs parser for crash reporting tool
  • linking api: added categories for impress to unify with writer and calc
  • gh#6494 jsdialog: annoying spinfield validation errors
  • jsdialogs: few small fixes
  • performance: caching style previews
  • reviews


Working on

  • Default fonts color for new documents should be Automatic not Black

​​​​​​Working on

  • Comments’ accessibility.

  • Checked a performance related issue.

  • Prepared backport of API change (shortcuts accessibility) for core 2305.

  • Checking a FireFox paste issue.

  • Backporting

  • Review.

  • Modify help page.

  • Check a bug.

  • start with Cypress 22.05.

  • Check language message core side.


Worked on

  • implemented copying of slides from the slide preview using
    context menu

  • Wrote a script to fetch the original files of failed MSO crash
    test files after round trip