Status Report Week 25


Worked on

  • Selecting merged cells for formula doesn’t show the full merged cell selected


Worked on

  • gh#6650 jsdialog tooltips invalid value

  • view jumps

  • core was using wrong shell for moving cursor

In progress

  • formulabar input in Japanese


Worked on

  • Fixed hanging slide show with multiple hidden slides

  • Fixed images being cut in jsdialog

  • Helped contributor with fixing master view slide preview context
    menu #6618

In progress

  • Calc: Misplaced cursor and text boxes contents in 23.05

  • 23.05: After various clicking Data Filter buttons, crash
    on Advanced Filter


Worked on

  • Print with DownloadAsPostMessage problem

In progress

  • WSD: Editor can get stuck in session if it has read-only views


Worked on

  • PDFium: “signature” not imported, export is mostly empty

In progress

  • Deselecting merged cells using Shift+⬆ doesn’t work in some cases


Worked on

  • notebookbar accelerators.

  • Checked 22.05 Cypress tests. Failing randomly and passing locally, not a surprise Increased the timeout.

  • Libreoffice proposal sent. Presentation to be prepared.