Status report Week 28


Worked on

  • miscellaneous

    • back-port

    • review patches

    • improve logging cypress fails

      • better logs, using cypress-terminal-report package

        - log stack trace unit test fail
        - upgrade latest version 12.17.0
        - log unhanded exception cool.html iframe

In progress

  • Selecting merged cells for formula
    doesn’t show the full merged cell selected


Worked on

  • Numbering with styles (DG-FIP)

In Progress

  • Encrypt password-protected files on save-as by default default


Worked on

  • Notebookbar accelerators.

  • Notebookbar accelerators – dropdowns.

  • Notebookbar - activate tabs with arrow keys.

  • Notebookbar - Unique ids - not done yet.

  • Cypress tests 22.05.

  • Cypress tests 23.05.

  • Space key - new access keys

  • A11Y meeting.


Working on

  • fixed 23.05 - Android : tapping on cells flickers the keyboard

  • fixed Language selector issue (GH#5136)

  • fixed Calc: With multiple views, an edited comment is committed
    when the other user switches sheets

In Progress

  • Calc: Cell background isn’t white


Worked on

  • WSD: Editor can get stuck in session if it has read-only views

In progress

  • Embeded video playback is not happening in IOS and Android Devices


Worked on

  • formulabar issues

  • github copy-paste detector

    • tested with collabora online

    • removed some duplication in jsdialogs

  • insert formula

    • fixed math sidebar

    • fixed size of an empty formula object

  • language tool

    • port to co-23.05 and master]

    • comment aborted by other session

  • jsdialogs improvements:

    • date picker & time formatted field fix

In progress

  • copy paste calc autofilter

  • finish slides for JSDialog training - online part

  • a11y: navigator in separate panel