Community Weekly Meeting 125

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #125

Date: Jun 29th 2023

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Timur, Darshan, Mike D (Tex), Szymon, Anna, Luigi, Gökay, Rashesh, Cosmin, Andras, Pedro, Michael, Caolán, Skyler, Ezinne, Thorsten

Release schedule (Andras)

  • CODE 23.05.1 released yesterday
    • UI fixes
    • Performances fixes
    • New feature in impress (show and hide slides from presentation)
    • More details in the full release notes
    • Tile re-factoring merged
      • maybe better performance – should work nicely on iOS out of the box.
  • Next iOS testflight – Attila is on it;
    • there was a crash needing fixing before publishing to the wider testflight community.
  • Android
    • We can now compile 23.05 – hope to have first test builds next week.

ASAN crash count drop

  • Caolan fixing things as they arrive – a couple from document conversion
  • everything seen is fixed, or back-ported to 23.05, none seen for a few days around document conversion.

Forum (Mike D)

Dark mode

Online activity (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • Pedro
    • Working on UI blockers from the final 23.05 release - merged
    • And getting the last PRs in for tomorrow’s build
    • Making sure dark mode is more complete
    • Improvements on read-only label (now it’s only added when needed, user has no writing access)
    • Navigator
      • Scrolling behaviour → full invalidations
      • Szymon optimize the sidebar logic, it now works better
      • Mike D.: will dig out the core issue related with the expander glitch which it might be interesting to online


  • Translation stats to go out soon → SM and Forum
    • April and May leader-board out, io website updated
  • New contributors/or returning contributions → SM

LibreOffice conference (Gabriel)

Next meeting