Too much users (NC 24)

Somehow Collabora does not recognize which user has logged out. There are more and more, although only 3 users are logged in, the users are seen more often. What causes this phenomenon and can I log out all users? Is there a way to remove all users with one click?

Which CODE version is this, and what’s the version of the Collabora Online connector app in Nextcloud?

Collabora online - built-in code server 22.5.301
collaborative tags 1.14.0
Nextcloud office 6.1.0
Nextcloud 24.0.2

I also have the problem that after some time an Excel or Word file feels like it is on pause. If I then want to open this Excel or Word file again, I get, on different PCs, the message “Loading the file not possible”. I then have to reset the file or open it via another browser or PC.

It happens again and again that this icon suddenly pops up “connect”. What does it mean and when does it appear? Each time, I appear as another user. Why? What is the error?

Hmmm, had this on a self-compiled version of 22.5, but not on the official image. Are you using the latest official image?

i use the versions you seen above

Hi @AlKa and thanks for reporting this.

Could please paste here what you see when accessing the Network tab in the web dev tools?

  1. ctrl + shift + i or simply F12
  2. Select Network tab
  3. probably you need to reload the page now

Is there any error ?

  1. ctrl + shift + i or simply F12
  2. Select Console tab
  3. You can filter by Errors only ( by deselecting all the others Warnings, logs, Info,Debug