Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #169

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #169

Date: 23rd May 2024

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  1. Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Vivek, Bayram, Anna, Attila, Ezinne, Meven, Skyler, Darshan, Hubert, Cor, Nicolas, Andras, Gökay, Mike D, Gulsah, Gabriel, Szymon
  1. Testing

  1. Release Schedule

  • CODE Expected to be released today

  • CODE mini release next week

  • CO release expected to happen next week if the quality is good!

  • Mobile releases are in testing mode ……

    • Builds created

      • available in the testflight

      • 1 blocker to go for Android hopefully to have this fixed

  1. Online Activity

  • PRs in need for attention (Please add here any PR that needs attention)

  • PRs without reviewer

  • now 3

  • Karthik (welcome)

    • Mobile developer with 8 years of experience from India

    • Has document app where it needs to convert

      • Exploring options to convert documents to PDF and then found LO and by extension COOL
    • Happy to contribute

    • Skyler: for iOS we use Objective-C

    • First PR: Updating error message for node check while building cool for iOS. #9133

  • Nicolas

  • Gabriel

  • Now back

  • We have started to upgrade now to 23

  • Working now on something related to CSV and probably will backport it but I’m waiting for some feedback

    • this was mostly useful for converting CSV → PDF – because separators were not found

    • idea was to detect automatically at conversion.

    • First patch – adds character-set and separator settings

      • can use these when you pass the filter parameters.

      • Instead of separator & character set put ‘detect’

    • Would be nice to use it in the import dialog.

  • Would love to help out with design for serializing settings (Michael)

  • Julius

  • Nextcloud 29 released

  • Getting much more frequent races causing a download of the file … when clicked. (Michael)

    • seems like a richdocuments / Nextcloud race… perhaps more plugins installed …

    • now have etc. in the list here … probably related to this.

  • Quite some fixes also backported to older releases

    • Updating files when running out of quota

    • Issues with open locally, we now terminate the session properly before handing over to local editing

    • Fix for using different URLs for internal communication

  • Ongoing work on polishing the guest name picker and cleanup of some very old code

  • Doing some testing and screen recordings around usability and performance

  • Attila

  • Working on a PNG stretch/crop issue in impress. (it is a resolved bug, but someone commented document that is still not working)
    Searching where the ‘stretch’ from xml should be handled. It is loaded as a crop, but not used.

  • Andras

    • No update
  • Szymon

  • Was on vacation – no news

  • Current: view jump in Calc on row insertion by other user

  • Next: Pedro’s report - now unotoolbuttons are being enable/disable but the inner child is not being enabled or disabled: search previous and search next

  • Darshan

  • Color contrast between text area and text area should be higher

  • Vertical ruler in writer: => In review

  • Typescript conversion of Ruler.js. Next will create base class for ruler which will help to remove duplication of code occurring in horizontal and vertical ruler file.

  • Next:

  • Vivek

  • Modification in Manage conditional formatting dialog. => WIP => [PAUSE]

  • Antony

  • Michael “Performance” Meeks ^^

  • Background auto-save for 24.04

    • Now enabled for all saves (except file write) not just auto-save

    • new code to turn bgsave off if:

      • any dialog pops up during save

      • any save fails, or save process crashes

    • Chasing intermittent “too many thread” issues.

    • More unit tests

    • Fix save icon modified status in classic toolbar

  • Kinder to browsers / proxies:

    • Content-Length restoration in 24.04

    • plus missing Connection: Close where needed

  • SenderQueue acceleration

    • profile form Neil.
  • Caolan performance

  • dns stalls seen in watchdog profiles – threaded that

  • wip: idea to reschedule queue processing timeout if there are tile rendering predicted to happen

  • Watchdog profiles

  • Bayram

  • (To Review) - Assistance Functionalities: Automatic text completion of columns/rows

  • (In Progress) - Assistance Functionalities: Tables: Automatic input assistance (correction) for formulas

    • working on the Function wizard UI
  • Reported

    • (To Test) - Bug: getting “Widget.TreeView.js:584 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘parentNode’)” error after “Arrow Down” and then “TAB” keys on mention popup

    • (Open) - Bug: Calc: hidden sheet dialog has misaligned checkbox

  • Skyler

  • Mobile releases

    • Waiting for an Apple review

    • While that’s going on, I’m solving some other bugs

  • Desktop / Zoom causing view jumps

    • Working on this…

    • And pre-fetching target zoom tiles.

  • global.js → global.ts

  • Pranam

  • Gökay

  • Continues:

    • Replace lat & long logic with twips / pixels.

    • Sending new improvements.

  • Some small fixes and reviews.

  • Copy text with comments issue. Has a PR but needs to check the tests also.

  • Hubert

  • draw/impress: disable the Grid for now since it is not supported

  • Still Working on a Drupal integration

  • Gulsah

  • Calc formula auto complete feature

  • New button that inverts only document colors in dark mode.

  • Neil

  • Pedro

  • PR reviews and Translated missing PT, PT-BR bits

  • Fixed slide preview animation and loaded SVGs

  • Add missing CSS class to Document A11Y button (avoid using malformed CSS class coming from UNO command)

  • Remove legacy CSS code and malformed selector

  • Add possibility to generate MenuButton without image and fix button being generated with missing SVG

  • Various visual fixes: toolbar-down search input field; Tabs on tablet; Dark mode invert background icon; Status bar styles;

  • Timur

  • Méven

  • Cor

    • Found the (easy) cause of a single keyboard shortcut issue/regression on Desktop, caused by a COOL commit.
      Gökay will patch that.

    • Dived into presentations/templates (weeks ago) trying to understand the cascading of styles and DF, which is ‘more interesting’ than e.g. Writer. Helps to clean up stuff. Later will look into my macro’s (from previous work) for cleaning/standardizing existing slides.

  • Forum (Mike D)

There were 9 topics from users this week. (7 responses by me.)

Cor + Hub + Andras + Tex answered.

Key Topics

Besides that, it was just basic installation + previous topics being responded to.


  • Karthik

    I am happy to share that I completed building Mobile project for iOS and able to run in my device successfully. My requirement is to convert office files like docx, xlsx and ppt to PDF files completely offline in my current project. I tested the same feature in Mobile project from cool and it is working like a pro.

    Could you please suggest how exactly to link this Mobile project to my current project to have that functionality in my project.

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  2. Next meeting

  • 30**/05/2024**