What are the limitations of the Collabora server

I’m new to this forum, not sure if it’s the right place for my request.

I’ve installed a Collabora server on a Ubuntu 22.04 VPS and connected the “Nextcloud Office” application to the Collabora server.

Are there any limitations on simultaneous usage for file editing or concurrent connections by users?
Can I use a single Collabora server for all my Nextcloud applications?

Hey @Mario1. Welcome to the forum and thanks for the question.

Great to hear you got it installed + working fine on your Nextcloud. :slight_smile:

How many users were you thinking? What is your use-case?

CODE is available for free for testing/home use, but if you are requiring support for many users… you’d probably be better off purchasing one of the:

for Business or Enterprise.

Hello @Tex. Thank you for your support.

Currently, I have installed a Collabora server on a VPS with Ubuntu 22.04 and connected it to two instances of Nextcloud, totaling 20 users. With this test, I aim to assess how many users can effectively collaborate on a single document simultaneously and identify any limitations in usage. If successful, I plan to connect additional Nextcloud instances to the Collabora server in the future.

What are the limitations of a trial or home version, and what differences does it have compared to a professional subscription? This includes considerations for updates and support requests, following the SLA policies.

Based on your question, I believe you are an experienced Collabora user. I noticed on the Collabora official website that there are differences in users between the CODE version and the commercial version. Regarding this “user,” does it refer to users collaborating on the same document or users who have access to the server?

Hello @xin, thank you for your response.
I’ve researched extensively on this issue, but haven’t been able to find a solution yet. As you mentioned, there are various subscriptions for the CODE server with different features, although it’s not clear what changes from the free package besides SLA times and expert team assistance.

I refer to both questions. I couldn’t understand how many users can connect simultaneously to the Collabora server for viewing/editing documents and how many instances of Nextcloud can be linked to a single CODE instance.

Hello @Tex do you have updates for my issue?

Hey @Mario1,

You may want to contact the sales email:

They’ll be able to answer your questions in more detail.

(And if you get a good/solid answer, then post the response back here!)

Hi @Mario, @Tex You may already have contacted sales…:
I am a user, I am 99.9% sure that there are simply 2 versions of Collabora Online, and both without limitations.
*CODE is the free version, this version is released with the newest features, so it can potentially be buggy.
*Collabora Online is the subscription version, its binary releases very closely follow CODE, I believe that sometimes it lags a bit behind CODE and it may includes backports of new good bits of CODE, particularly when there are other troublesome new features in CODE. I imagine Collabora prefer subscriptions.
*A Collabora Online server can integrate simultaneously with several cloud solutions and also things like Alfresco, Kolab, Mattermost, Moodle, Nuxeo, SharePoint and others.
*Collaborative real-time editing a single document in Collabora is possible, whereas Microsoft for the web locks paragraphs or sections of documents to a single user, creating deadlocks when this fails to work properly, and is probably not proper collaborative real-time editing.