A question about the MPL license

Here is the background: I have been developing a web-based learning management system project and looking to integrate Collabora Online into my project.
I checked out the GitHub repository and found that the whole project is licensed under MPL 2.0 and the browser subfolder is under BSD.
My initial plan is to build the docker image from the scripts licensed under MPL 2.0, run the container with the port 9980. After Integration, my frontend part would open a docx or pptx, and a HTML would inject into a existing iframe tag.
Here is the question:
As far as I know, the HTML received from Collabora Online Server is from the browser subfolder, right?
If I only use the 9980 port and Integrate CODE into my project and nothing in the CODE is modified, do I violate the license If I close source my project?

Of course, IANAL and you should consult your lawyer if you are unsure; however - it is certainly possible to build and re-use software from the Collabora Online repository as FLOSS software under your own brand. The licenses we use have been described as weak or file-level copy-left, so it should not impact changes outside the existing MPLv2 source files.

Then again - we strongly encourage you to contribute back any code changes, and (with my Collabora hat on) - to partner with us to help promote your product, and to help fund the further improvement and development of both COOL and LibreOffice.

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