Request for Permission to Integrate Collabora Online in Commercial Documentation Project

Dear Collabora Online Team,

I hope this email finds you well. We are currently working on a commercial documentation project and have come across your library, Collabora Online, which we believe would be a valuable addition to our project. After reviewing its functionality and features, we are impressed by its capabilities and believe it would greatly enhance the user experience of our documentation.

We understand the importance of respecting intellectual property rights and want to ensure that we adhere to all necessary protocols regarding the use of your library. Our intention is to integrate your library into our documentation project without making any changes to the original code or altering its functionality in any way. We will properly attribute the library to your team and provide clear references to its source throughout our project.

Furthermore, we plan to deploy your library on our Linux server and utilize it within our commercial documentation project. Our team is experienced in managing Linux environments and will ensure the proper setup and configuration of your library in our deployment.

Given that our project is commercial in nature, we wanted to reach out to you directly to inquire about the possibility of using your library in this context. We are committed to complying with any licensing terms or conditions associated with your library and are open to discussing any requirements or arrangements you may have.

Could you please confirm if we have permission to integrate your library into our commercial documentation project as described above? If there are any specific terms or conditions you would like us to adhere to, please let us know, and we will ensure full compliance.

Thank you for considering our request. We look forward to your favorable response and the opportunity to incorporate your library into our project.

Best regards,
Uzma Ashraf

Hey @medapps-uzma, welcome to the forum and thanks for the question! :slight_smile:

This project sounds awesome. (I love documentation + Linux + technical writing!)

Please “Request a Quote” + give info on your specific project/use-case using this page:

That will get you in touch with the Sales team… who can give more specialized answers + help with your customization/integration. :slight_smile:


Can I use free version in our commercial project?


All our code is Open Source; so you can re-compile the code, re-brand it and do as you will with it if you follow the license(s). In general CODE is clearly labelled and described as a developer edition - if you’re ok with building that into your product and taking on the relevant liabilities and requirements that go with that - go for it; but Collabora will not be supporting you or your customers for free :slight_smile: So the answer is: “sort of yes”, but also “you probably only want to use that for home-use / demos, and work with us to include COOL in your supported product version”. Does that help ?
Either way we’re excited that you choose to re-use our code =) hopefully it fits your needs well.

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No, i want to use this in my commercial project, my commercial project is related with medical stuff and i will sell my commercial project to customers and want to integrate collabora for editing and adding the documentation in my project.

On the above case can you please suggest me either we can use the github free version in my project or not? I hope my question is clear to you, if you have any other queries please let me know.


Hi Uzma,

How I read the explanation: yes you can if you decide that it fits your project needs wrt support of you and your customers.


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You should however carefully read and comply with the relevant parts of the license, particuarly trademark license that apply - incorporating un-supported software into a commercial medical project without helping to support that project by contributing back - whether code, or by having contracted support is seen by many as anti-social, and it needs to be very clear that you are holding any product liability for your customers, and this is not recommended.

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