‘Alt’ key does not works with Calc and Impress

i’ve installed CODE with the official docker image and i noticed that the ALT key (highlight shortcuts) only works with Writer and not with Calc and Impress. Will this be available in a future version ? (i’m using CODE with Moodle)
thank you

Hey @rimkov, thanks for the report.

Could you give your exact:

  • Help > About info?
  • Browser + Browser version.
  • OS + OS Version.

Alt Keyboard Shortcuts should work in all the Collabora programs.

I just tested this and it worked in:

COOLWSD version: (git hash: 6d7efe98)
LOKit version: Collabora Office (git hash: 6d3919c)
Served by: Linux Mint 21.1
Server ID: 6a211231

Side Note: Know that Chrome + Firefox have slightly different shortcuts.

In Chrome, you can press:

  • Alt

but in Firefox, you have to press:

  • Shift+Alt
    • Normal Alt opens/closes Firefox’s menus.

thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
here is screen shot taken from calc

i tried alt and shift+alt with chrome Version 108.0.5359.124
and firefox 116.0.3
but it does not works
it’s ok on writer

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sorry i specify that it is the display of little thumbnails in yellow (highlight) that does not happen but indeed shortcuts are working.


Thank you for sharing the details.

The Accessibilty feature was been implemented in Calc about a week ago. Private/gokay/color pickers by gokaysatir · Pull Request #7087 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub

Hopefully, the next version of CODE Docker will include an exciting new feature - Accessibility for Calc and Impress.

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Fantastic. Thanks for the info @rimkov + @Ezinne.

I just brought it up in today’s Weekly Meeting, and was informed:

  • It’s fixed in 23.05.3, releasing next week. :slight_smile:

very nice :slight_smile: thank you !

1 Like has been released and the Accessibilty feature works with all doc type :slight_smile: thank you

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Glad you like it - thanks for updating the ticket; of course - we continue to fix and improve accessibility left and right at the moment - and appreciate your feedback.
Good stuff.

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