Community Weekly Meeting #146

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #146

Date: Nov 30th 2023

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  1. Anna, Ezinne, Caolán, Andras, Cosmin, Timur, Attila, Gulsah, Gökay, Darshan, Bayram, Hub, Aron, Mike D, Skyler, Michael, Vivek, Nicolas, Cosmin, Szymon, Pranam

Making the call shorter

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  • Then only go over anything we need to share / get input on

Release Schedule

  1. CODE Released on last Monday.
  2. Right now: chasing all the blockers
  3. More updated in the beginning of the next week, possibly new CODE version
  4. Next CODE Release expected Week 47!
  5. Mobile releases
  6. iOS 23.05.6 Week 48 (?)
  7. Android 23.05.6 Week 48 (?)
  8. need to fix insert → comments on Mobile.
  9. iOS
  10. quick smoke-testing of new build looks good (Nicolas)


  • Sidebar concerns:
    • lots of negative feedback here still.
    • Darshan fixed this for three cases – but we have 2x cases more where the Nextcloud sidebar shows up by default; particularly for internal shared link.
    • There is an explicit open-sidebar call after we close; it gets closed, and re-opened for internal links – hunting this down (Darshan)
      • gave a stack-trace to Julius, and trying to work out why it doesn’t close. [done]
    • Preferred – generally disable it – design team decided against it.
      • In all places where the viewer opens; we have the sharing sidebar showing up.
      • Need a way in richdocuments to prevent that.
      • Other apps installed that could influence timing of calls.
        • Pedro will get a list of apps installed to help reproduce it locally. [done]
    • Found the lingering problem: fix: Avoid triggering a deferred sidebar open if openFile is already handling that #41636: [stable27] fix: Avoid triggering a defered sidebar open if openFile is already handling that by juliushaertl · Pull Request #41636 · nextcloud/server · GitHub
      • It’s against Nextcloud 27, richdocuments 8.2.3
      • Not merged yet, but already approved
  • Open in new tab by default (?)
    • UX testing feedback tells us that files in new tabs is a serious issue
    • AI: share feedback with Julius (Pedro)
    • Google opens in a new tab by default (Nicolas)
    • A website that is an application: a “file explorer” (Pedro)
      • user expects, the file opens – something new happens.
    • May be needed inside the Nextcloud server – not in richdocuments (Julius)
  • Probably follow up release with still pending fixes next week
  • WASM
  • Calc Performance: cells with lengthily text
    • Improvement was merged
  • First beta of richdocuments for upcoming Nextcloud 28 was released, nothing fancy just compatibility changes to adapt to upstream refactoring of our files app


  • Nothing of relevance; in listening mode.

Online activity

  • Bugs caught during this meeting
    • Hyperlink preview glitching (keeps flickering). Check the web console, we keep receiving the same postmessage over and over
      • Issue: AI(Pedro): To file bug
  • Attila

Navigator was an exception, that localised text because of a ModifyChanged() and
Broadcasted it to all Navigator Dialog… (so it is not an idle/timet of the view)
Debugged where exact localisation happens to find a shared point,
found most of them… they use Translate::get(…), they should be easy to fixed.
But Panels Title do localisation elseway I just found it not long ago.
childaccess.cxx … getChild(“*” + locale)

I will try to find some more general place to fix by setView, but for fallback, I can fix them more direcly.

Forum (Mike D)

5 Forum posts + 3 Github this week.

Key topics:

9 → 9 - zero replies in user support:

User Support - Collabora Online

37 → 37 - zero replies in installation and config:

Installation & Configuration - Collabora Online

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