Batch job when close browser on idle docs


When a user close a doc, i have some batch job (copy, generate pdf) for each document.
But when the doc is idle, I can’t see anything if the user close the browser.
Is there a way to avoid this ?
Maybe never idle a doc or may be after a very long time (ie 24 hours) ?
is it the idle_timeout_secs parameter and is there a max value ?


Hi @jmlm hm maybe also triger the generate pdf when gets to User_Idle or Session_Closed postMMessage

to change values for idle timeout you ca check the coolwsd.xml

        <idle_timeout_secs desc="The maximum number of seconds before unloading an idle document. Defaults to 1 hour." type="uint" default="3600">3600</idle_timeout_secs>
        <!-- Idle save and auto save are checked every 30 seconds -->
        <!-- They are disabled when the value is zero or negative. -->
        <idlesave_duration_secs desc="The number of idle seconds after which document, if modified, should be saved. Defaults to 30 seconds." type="int" default="30">30</idlesave_duration_secs>```

Thank you @pedro.silva

But is there a max value ?

Do you know how I can get users who are connected (userid or UserFriendlyName), the duration they are idle and if I can “shoot” them but by batch job (not the admin panel).