Bounty system for users to sponsor enhancements/fixes

I don’t think there is a way end users can sponsor enhancements using a bounty system, many can’t afford engineering time but would be happy to throw in $10, $100, $500 towards getting a fix or feature. I have used them before for other projects, its actually quite exciting when you get a feature you were part of requesting, it’s not gambling. :slight_smile: Currently users interest may come to an end, they may get a sad face instead.

Maybe maintain a visible list of top 10 things based on what’s asked for a lot, then user can vote, have ability to donate, have ability to start a new one for a fee.

Links to a bounty could be maintained in places where people end up finding similar requests like Collabora bugzilla Issues, Collabora forum, perhaps TDF LibO-MSO comparison

Is there an open discussion anywhere about the pros and cons?

Hi Rob,
Thanks for the kind suggestion. It is a sympathetic idea, but I do not know about a discussion around that now. I know from one or two successful bounty/sponsor actions around LibreOffice in the past. It seems there is more effect from individuals or entities working on a task or goal.
Somehow it is not easy to get enough support via bounties. But of course any good initiative …