Weekly COOL meeting #98

­Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #98

Date: Nov 24 2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Ezinne, Pedro, Szymon, Andras, Gökay, Gülşah, Thorsten, Aron, Michael


Adfinis crowdfunding already live: Voice up your LibreOffice — Crowdfunding bei wemakeit

please tell Elisa she did a lot of great work on the crowdfunding, making the video, etc

Let’s share, spread the word All the money goes to fund the good work. The goal needs to be reach or else the money goes back to the people who donated

DeepL documentation available at Translator (DeepL) — SDK https://sdk.collaboraonline.com/ documentation

[to move somewhere else: hyperlink warning popup ugly in some languages, e.g: German]

Release schedule (Gokay)

  • Next CODE 22.05 → week 50
  • Mobile app release was postponed for next year (probably between Jan-Mar)

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

Forum (Pedro)

  • Interesting request/idea on having dynamic footer/header (injecting content into document header and/or footer)
  • master pages → thanks Cor for answering
  • JSsidebar generated html
    • Szymon: Nice, we can then test this with the gridhandler wha
    • https://github.com/CollaboraOnline/online/pull/5256 → Pedro needs to review it
    • Szymon: I have seen Andreas has update the structure on the core, need to check. Less containers but we are also moving to use grid in the core side https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/c/core/+/141380 → already on master, passed against distro CO (needs to be merged) AI: needs to be re-tested (grid inside of a grid)
    • Pedro: Reviewed both gerrit changes → requested additional adjustments (on inner grids)
    • AI: Andreas K: to test if changes in the UI files can be applied to pre packaged core and if it affects online
    • AI: [Pedro] Check with Andreas why do we need that last commit and figure out how to do it 100% on the CSS side
  • Inserting shapes makes the session crash → very interesting, AI: Ezinne will take a look

Dark mode

  • Andreas K.: Is dark mode in master branch?
  • Andreas K.: What about document page, will we have dark page and bright text?
    • Szymon: “mode” We already have implemented framework, a way to render the tiles 2 times
    • Andreas K. we also already have something like that in core see GH 4382#issuecomment-1066213894
    • AI: [Pedro] Communicate that we have this feature branch and it is ready to receive any contributions → Forum, SM
  • Light to dark mode switch already in
  • Andreas K. I will look more into how to change the background colour (canvas tiles are transparent outside the document page)

GitHub activity (Pedro)

  • Gulsah
    • Chart size PPTX → Impress. Now working on this following Quikee code pointer → When we have auto layout somehow position and size is decided for the plot area → needs to find where this is happening. → Have a working solution but one test is not passing: 143179: Use same plot area distance with Microsoft Office (because other elements such as legends etc also change position → need to look into that)
    • Copy paste issue in calc (selecting row) working this → Michael’s comment : it’s taking too much time probably there is something else going on there as well. Discovered that even copy pasting in empty column takes a lot of time → now looking into performance with perf and debugging
  • User wants to have log out button on the admin console

Design bits (Pedro and others)

Other ongoing work


  • Probably tomorrow videos are already available on Youtube CollaboraOffice channel
    • AI: Notify people (email etc)
    • AI: Create a new playlist with all the videos
    • Videos already being uploaded (some already available)
      • Community pages were updated with COOL Days CTA → YT [done]
      • Slides repository was updated [done]
      • Plus add update to the Forum
  • Hacktoberfest → 3 PR got in → today shared in SM one of them

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