Chromebook Collabora Access G Drive Files

I’ve installed the Play Store Collabora app on my Chromebook and it works well. Does anyone know if there is work underway to provide editing ability for files stored on Google Drive? Currently I can open files from my G Drive but it only opens them in Read Only mode.

Maybe I posted this question in the wrong forum.

Could someone point me in the right direction?

Welcome @GregM8 and thanks for your question.

Interesting, I do not own a Chromebook but I think that should work as in any regular Android device:

  1. Open Google Drive
  2. On any ODF (example: .odt) or MSO file (.docx) open the context menu (3 vertical dots)
  3. Choose “Open with” option
  4. It should open Collabora app with that document
  5. Click the Edit button (circular button with pencil) to edit the document

Thanks Pedro

When I open the Collabora app and then select the folder icon and browse to my Google Drive and open a .odt file from there I get the following “read only” message

I never thought to try what you suggested and gave it a try. Open Drive Android app > 3 dots > open with Collabora > and it works as expected. But after I’ve finished editing and save the file the Android Drive app shows this

“Waiting to Upload” message and it’s been like that for 15 minutes now.

@pedro.silva @GregM8 In Dec 2020 someone at Collabora told me that Collabora Office for Chromebooks only has read-write access to the local Play Files folder, not Google Drive which is read-only. I remember saying that the warning that pops up on the screen doesn’t persist long enough, it disappears after 2 seconds. fyi:

Chrome OS > “Files” app > Open ODT file from the Google Drive folder > it opens the file in the local Collabora app 6.4.1 and 6.4.3 in a read-only view. It shows a notification at the bottom “this file cannot be saved in this location, opening it read-only. Move it to the Play files for full read/write access.”

Microsoft announced 25 Aug 2021 that they will start dropping support for Office Android apps on Chrome on September 18 2021. This is an opportunity for Collabora to fill the void, I wonder if Google Drive support could be added ASAP? I have created a new Issue ticket here.