Can't recreate table using copy/paste. Table structure not copied, only contents

I created a template for 9x9 sudokus. I have the original created but cannot make a copy of it. CTRL-C seems to capture only the table contents, not the structure. Am I missing a command version of copy or paste?

Hey @jkw0547, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Ctrl+C should copy it.

How are you highlighting it? Did you press Ctrl+A to highlight everything? Sometimes you have to press Ctrl+A TWICE in order to highlight EVERYTHING in your document, especially when dealing with tables:

  • 1st Ctrl+A would highlight the entire table you selected.
  • 2nd Ctrl+A would highlight the entire document.

If you still have trouble:

  1. Can you share the file?

  2. What OS+browser are you using? And what is your exact Help > About information?

Slightly perplexed here but a file with correct table templates was saved and working as I intended.

Thanks for trying to help.

Hmmm… strange. So you have two files. One with working tables + one that’s not working?

Mind sharing both?

Maybe we can figure out the root cause of this difference is.