Collabora Online Weekly #118

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #118

Date: May 4th 2023

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Andras, Cosmin, Timur, Thorsten, Mike D, Darshan, Gabriel, Nicolas, Gülşah, Ezinne, Aron, Symon, Gokay, Anna, Michael, Timur, Shehr

Release schedule (Andras)

Another bug fix 22.05 next (jenkins problems) this week

  • New iOS minor version in ~2 weeks based on 22.05
  • 23.05 → snapshots this week then testing
    • Tested internally (in progress)

Releasability of master (Michael)

  • Cypress
    • Gokay hacking on this with Michael here & there.
    • Updating the cypress, next → merge to master branch
      • Fixing cypress dependencies
  • UX regressions almost all done → looking lots better.
    • Tab behaviour and some dramatic thing son mobile
  • Performance issues still to go → clearly still there; needs more love … =)

Forum (Mike D)

Dark mode (Michael)

  • New theme configurations as pre-canned config fragments
  • All is good, Calc is the last piece here … plus polishing of course
  • Andreas K. now helping left and right
    • Great to get help here, some things like dialogs not using that, CSS vars too
    • Some already entered
    • Other still waiting for review
  • Darshan will be helping out with JS pieces around dark-mode
    here – pwrt. images path.
    • Have a dark/ sub-directory in images.
    • Have COOL built now (Darshan)
      • working on a Nextcloud build now.
  • Nextcloud has four themes – we should probably aim to match that:
    • high contrast dark & light, and dark and light (normal).
    • Having an enumeration like this pushed across
      the iframe + PostMessage update (Michael)
      • will add another field in the UI defaults (Pedro)

Core activity

  • A regressions in core relating to a very complex document (Timur)
    • so far reverted half-baked patches … that cause problems.
    • Miklos looking into this.
    • It seems fixing the comment related bug will impact the others → But more testing is needed (maybe that one patch is enough and there will be no need to apply the reverted again)
  • Gabriel (1&1): improvements on placeholders in the document (WIP)
    • something useful for contracts – placeholders for names / addresses etc. for signing.
    • Using bookmarks for this – since you can identify a place uniquely.
    • Can inject a list of texts at a list of positions …
      • via JSON.
      • Could provide it via a parameter to the convert-to end-point for conversion
    • You provide a file: with some bookmarks pre-defined, then you issue the command – inserts for each placeholder, provide a text … injecting inside a frame is desirable – without modifying the layout of the text.
      • Created a UNO command in core -which uses 2x commands – one positions to the bookmark, one inserts the text.
    • There are nice content-controls in 22.05 working.
    • Starting to upgrade now to 22.05.

Online activity (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • Pedro
    • fixing regression for 23.05
    • Navigator
    • Dark mode reviews
    • Control reviews
  • Andreas K.
    • Mobile regressions
    • Interested in adding more comments (CSS)


Gabriel (1&1)

LibreOffice conference (Gabriel)

Next meeting

[maybe it will be skipped, to be confirmed] 11/05/2023