Community Weekly Meeting 120

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #120

Date: May 25th 2023

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Andras, Cosmin, Timur, Darshan, Nicolas, Gülşah, Ezinne, Aron, Symon, Gokay, Anna, Michael, Shehr, Luigi, Caolan

Release schedule (Andras)

  • 22.05 is going to be released today
    • Timur: Maybe there is still something related to RTL to chase
  • 23.05
    • Tested internally (in progress)
    • We will start to have weekly releases for 23.05 CODE
  • No iOS release based on 23.05 yet

Releasability of master (Michael)

  • Cypress (Gokay)

    • Much more stable now
    • Maybe we should investigate further the CI machine itself for resources related problems
    • Updating the cypress, next → merge to master branch
      • Fixing cypress dependencies
  • UX regressions almost all done → looking lots better.

    • Tabs now better. Sidebar still needs some fixing. Still some UI blockers.
  • Performance (Caolan

    • Still issues … joining =)
  • Performance issues still to go → clearly still there; needs more love … =)

Forum (Mike D, not present)

  • Rash answered: Property wopi host allow not working/filtering . A.I. Pedro to mark it Resolved, done and marked 2 more

    • Pedro:
      • I have enabled the solved plugin in our forum (discourse) and marked your answer as solution.
      • Now every topic within user support and installation configuration has an additional checkbox to mark an answer as the solution. I have added left sidebar to the forum with “Resolved” section.
      • Mike Dworski (@tex) will then decide if we can remove the old "Answered tag or if it makes sense to keep it for the topics that are answered but not solved (since we now have “resolved” status AKA topics that can be ticked with a solution)
  • Mike D has answered a couple more and now has the latest core + online 23.05 build locally so will be able to test further bugs

  • Bad request (using K8s) AI: Pedro to mention that to Rash

    • Resolved “I did an MD5 HASH of my files path in my WOPI call, and now it works”
  • 8 question done, some already marked as resolved

    • Also a couple more (old ones and already resolved) tagged with resolved etc
  • 32 - zero replies in user support: User Support - Collabora Online

  • ?? - zero replies in installation and config: Installation & Configuration - Collabora Online

  • pointing at commits in some cases where there is a fix …

Dark mode (Michael)

  • Paris has fixed Dark Mode for calc → patch pending review here; Miklos was helping out.
  • Now working on debugging other dark-mode problems.
  • Darshan: Added image path for icons when toggle to dark theme by Darshan-upadhyay1110 · Pull Request #6356 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
    • Now we dark theme value from UI_Defaults parameter
    • CSS image URL re-writing happens for proxy-mode (Michael)
      • global.js “// re-write relative URLs in CSS …”
      • perhaps an idea for Szymon to look at.
      • Change w2ui impl. Of icons – so we can replace them …
        • so can replace URL from the code.
  • Andreas K. now helping left and right
    • All dark improvements got in
    • Tooltip fixes got in
    • Sidebar improvements to get in but need some work still
  • Nextcloud has four themes – we should probably aim to match that:
    • high contrast dark & light, and dark and light (normal).
    • For now using the manual switch from the button …
      • perhaps we want to detect the browser’s dark-mode ?
    • AI: Having an enumeration like this pushed across
      the iframe + PostMessage update (Szymon)
      • will add another field in the UI defaults (Pedro)

Core activity

  • Updates from the team posted on the forum
  • Gabriel (1&1): improvements on placeholders in the document (WIP)
    • not clear what’s new here (Cosmin)
  • Caolan – fixing writer performance bits.

Online activity (Pedro)

  • Updates from the team posted in the forum.
  • Navigator bits
    • Szymon has one fix to merge – switching from navigator to properties in compat mode – now have headings expanded, and no title ‘navigator’
    • Discussion in the github ticket – between using navigation and/or document outline; prefer navigation (Pedro)
      • nice metaphor for icons to (Michael)
    • Have other navigation things – eg. slide-sorter, pages for PDFs etc.
    • Lets not worry about labelling right now (Pedro)
      • it’s hidden for now (Szymon)
    • fixed JSON encoding issue – was broken (Szymon)
      • was merged today; awesome (Pedro)
  • Pull request backlog is growing – what to do about it ?
    • If the tests run locally – you should push without CI passing.
  • Szymon
    • now conditional format dialog → has a PR but needs to fix JSDialog widgets
      • Generic PR entered
      • conditional format PR still needs some checking
      • Autofilter JSDialog fix (RTL)
      • JSDialog (with tabs) performance wins
  • JSDialog conversion
    • Fix writer dialog now maybe 3 left
    • Shehr converted the Validity dialog to JSDialog (mentored by Szymon)
    • Shehr Pushed a new PR for that speeding calls
      • But I’m getting a test error, now looking at that
  • Gokay
    • Now working on accessibility around comments (keyboard)
      • Almost 90%
    • Also on A11Y Contrast problems. A.I. Pedro to check this out
  • Gulsah
  • Rash
    • Mentions improvements: now has a plan will work on that

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • Pedro
    • Getting the last PRs in for tomorrow’s build
    • Next → Working on UI blockers for the final 23.05 release

LibreOffice conference (Gabriel)

Next meeting