Can't change table border in tablet fullscreen layout

In the phone layout, the border button is there as soon as I click on a cell. However, in the “fuller” layout for large devices, that button is nowhere to be seen.

Welcome to the forum @guylfe !
Could you please add information about which version are you running and what’s the device?

tablet fullscreen layout
In the phone layout

Also are you using a tablet or a phone? And is it installed as an app or are you using it via browser or other app (Nextcloud for example)?

ideally please paste a screenshot

Note: in the past we used to have misc section from the sidebar cc: @bearon

I have a Fold 3, and I also use it in Dex mode, hence I get to experience apps in multiple different form factors. I am using the app version, I didn’t realize there was a web version.
As for the misc section, it’s no longer there on my version:

Thanks @guylfe I have confirmed and reported the bug : Can’t change table border in tablet fullscreen layout from sidebar · Issue #4942 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub

Good news :slight_smile: sidebar: show Misc panel with Table Cell Color by eszkadev · Pull Request #5074 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub already available in the last CODE release 22.05.5-2