Collabora Online Weekly meeting #44

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #44

Date: Oct 14, 2021

Next meeting: Oct 21, 2021

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  • Pedro, Ezinne, Gabriel, Pranam, Kendy, Andras, Michael, Szymon, Tiago, Hugo

Community update (Pedro)

  • Nextcloud

  • Hacktoberfest

    • Lots of new contributors for the community website.

    • Some code changes too …

    • Found out there was an issue with gitpod – which should now be fixed

    • an outdated extension – already fixed thanks to Kara.

    • Showing how people can contribute with gitpod even without their own env.

      • Went through slides, demo servers to test, nice report on a person using collaborative editing for a voting system – interested in COOL.
    • Gabriel was there too – awesome, thanks for the hand-holding

    • pleased with the outcome ? (Michael)

      • Nice to see gitpod (Gabriel)
        • VS-Code inside a browser: interesting …
  • COOL days:

    • an update – playlist will be ready & published today
      • not all the videos; Pedro will E-mail the presenters & attendees.
      • Sharing it on social media.
      • All the slides are in the repo – and lots of people viewing.

HAproxy / Kubernetes (Pranam)

  • HA Proxy doesn’t provide a secondary algorithm – with no hash – just using round-robin.
    • Not checked with nginx for load balancing as an additional input.

Forum (Pedro)

  • has been updated; don’t have COOL days call-to-action; instead to view the slides.
    • Don’t want to leave people out; have a banner …

Design bits (Julius)

  • Smart menus – opening with a delay
  • Redesigning Welcome dialog (Pedro)
    • just started on this.
  • Help → About – LibreOffice Technology (Pedro)
    • now our about dialog will get an additional image – LibreOffice Technology logo (logo done by Elisa, thanks :slight_smile:
    • and a simple link to more information & credits – hopefully up soonish.

Nextcloud text app popup (Michael)

  • Submitted and back-ported a fix (Julius)

Schedule & update (Kendy)

  • CO 2021 Alpha1 this week
    • working on these with Yunusemre today (Andras)
  • concerned wrt. performance of this server (Michael)
    • it is running sanitizers (Andras)
  • Android builds – done …
    • first we’ll roll out for 10% of users – lets see if we get negative feedback
      • then do a full roll-out.
    • Lots of new features coming in that.
    • Last release was in March – lots of new features; will make an iOS release too, but did some a few weeks ago.
  • Szymon & Mert:
    • mostly polishing co-2021
    • new features without polish, or small 6.4 regressions.
  • Henry: Update notification still ongoing
  • Ash: working on copy-paste with HAProxy regression.
  • IOS app
    • Tor polishing this
  • Mike on formula editing – but at easrly stages.
  • CODE 6.4.13 being released too

Misc 1&1 bits (Gabriel)

  • working on upgrade to 6.4.latest (Gabriel)
    • access token anonymization
    • see Ash’s fix for termination bits
      • a dup. of a non-contributed patch
  • Currently a bit on hold (Alexandru)
    • after this working on remaining issues

Access token bits (Michael)

  • generate our own access token – to keep the initial iframe post credentials on the server.
  • Having a random token for the session – have a strong key for this.
  • ClientSession is a user – has this access token associated
  • will be interested to see (Gabriel)

Welcome Hugo

  • involved at the hacktoberfest & looking at some issues
  • looking at an optimized startsWith ticket.

Welcome Tiago

  • just a Nextcloud / Collabora sysadmin – configuring things
  • is it working for you (Michael)
    • perfectly – thanks for the wonderful job
  • President of Portugese national association for Free Software (Pedro)
    • also runs an amazing podcast.

User Feedback (Andras)

  • Still pending dockerization.

Pull Requests in Need of Attention (Pedro)

Next Meeting

Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)