Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #170

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #170

Date: 30th May 2024

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  • Pedro, Vivek, Bayram, Anna, Attila, Ezinne, Meven, Skyler, Darshan, Hubert, Cor, Nicolas, Andras, Gökay, Mike D, Gulsah, Gabriel, Szymon, Caolán, Thorsten
  1. Testing

  1. Release Schedule

  • CODE

  • Released

  • CODE: Next week

  • CO release expected to happen today/tomorrow.

  • Mobile releases are in testing mode ……

    • Builds created

      • available in the testflight

      • 1 blocker to go for Android hopefully to have this fixed

        • Android: Cannot open files again
  1. Online Activity

9 topics bumped + 6 posts by me this week.

Thanks to mmeeks + Hub + Tex for answering some posts. :slight_smile:


Key Topics


    • User from a few weeks back posted screenshots.

      • AutoFilter + Protected/Hidden Cells/Sheets

      • Excel = no info appears in dropdown.

      • Collabora/Nextcloud = yes, everything shows.

    • -> I asked for a sample document.

    • -> Looks like it could be a LO core issue / missing feature.


    • Author who wanted a “focus mode”:

      • No/minimal toolbars, minimal formatting buttons, “keeping text centered”, …

      • (Pretty much a text editor that allows some bold/italics and headings… lol.)

    • -> I answered with some of my book/writing knowledge.

    • (I’ve stumbled upon a lot of this “focus mode” stuff over the years too… bah. Why not just use basic text editors or other tools?)

  • Questions:

  • Karthik

    I am happy to share that I completed building Mobile project for iOS and able to run in my device successfully. My requirement is to convert office files like docx, xlsx and ppt to PDF files completely offline in my current project. I tested the same feature in Mobile project from cool and it is working like a pro.

    Could you please suggest how exactly to link this Mobile project to my current project to have that functionality in my project.

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  • 06**/06/2024**