Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #28

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #28

Date: June 10, 2021

Next meeting: June 17, 2021

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  • Andras, Muhammet, Szymon, Gopi Krishna Menon, Cor, Ezinne, Nicolas, Gabriel, Kendy, Thorsten, Ezinne, Andreas, Michael, Pranam

Move to Libera Chat (Miklos)

  • Registered the channel long ago when it launched.

  • We should formally move now:

  • AI: link to the minutes prominently in the channel topic (Muhammet)

  • AI: update the website (Muhammet)

Community update (Muhammet)

JSON Toolbar / Notebookbar changes (Pedro)

  • All of the json files were updated → done.

Interactive Performance (Michael)

  • Increased UDS socket buffer size from Kit → WSD to save latency.

  • Android performance issue → Pranam

  • Spell checking wavy-line performance → Mert

  • Profiling → Tor.

  • Dennis’ Zoom fix → unclear if it’s done …

    • old tile related, not removed some way.
  • Stopped an un-needed idle re-paint (Lubos)

    • merged into cp-2021 → it’s around 50% of render time.
  • Cache enlargement for image scaling for multiple users (Lubos)

    • coming to cp-6.4 soon …

    • with more users, heavily contended on image scaling cache at different zooms.

  • Would be good to profile the iOS version …

  • Writer canvas rendering arrived in 6.4.7

    • Android not updated for a while → possibly this is the 1st canvas version (?)

    • 6.4.5-2 was fast (Nicolas)

      • 6.4.6-1 (?) was less fast. Tor would know.

Native sidebars (Kendy)

  • Some optimizations – not sending the full JSON for small widget refreshes

  • Removed old code used for action execution

    • UI-test stuff is gone.

    • also old code for tunnelled sidebar.

  • Next:

    • need to implement menu-buttons, no popups yet.

    • some fixes for multiple-users needed, missing some updates.

  • can help on Sidebar css stuff, but need to know how to build cool with sidebar (Andreas K)

    • to re-build need to use co-2021 (Szymon)

    • is there a pre-built co-2021 somewhere ? (Andreas K)

      • not sure if we have it (Andreas)

        • have a build chain, not sure if it is activated.

        • AI: dig that out, activate & provide to Andreas (Andras)

Async Saving (Michael)

  • Ash continuing to make progress

  • tackling some regressions

    • plausible fix for the 100% CPU burn.
  • Lots of code-review going on.

Pull requests (Muhammet)

  • Mattermost plugin changes reviewed & merged (by Kendy)

Mobile (Andreas K)

  • Context related bottomBar #2484 I need one context example
    from Szymon and than can do the work

    • have an open issue, needs some help.

    • Couldn’t find a pull-request from Szymon

      • will try to find it for you (Szymon)
  • Readonly TopBar layout #2485

    • nearly all commands are greyed out -
      would be more useful to have a top toolbar
      for readonly view.

      • Looking forward to Pedro’s return …

Commit Access

  • approved for Chetanya; sent a request out.

Ongoing work (Kendy)

  • TXT/CSV files – for non-mobile online

    • Mert implemented – and merged it

    • readonly – until people start editing.

      • Then convince them to save as a more reasonable format.

      • Notifies other users about the new document to ask them to switch.

    • Implementing the same thing for mobile too …

      • lifecycle of app is not ideal; C++ & Java

        • re-starting the activity etc.

        • hoping to stay in same process & swap file.

      • After wavy-lines …

  • Impress rendering slides as a continuous pane

    • has been back-ported to -6.4 – and hoping to merge it later today.

    • cypress tests need re-working for this in some cases.

Up to date Android packages ? (Andreas K)

  • got a link from Nicolas, but not got master builds.

  • Struggled to see what build comes from which branch (Nicolas)

    • would like a guide from someone there re: what’s going on
  • Problem occurred when we branched off 6.4.9 (Andras)

    • producing production builds on play store from 6.4.9

    • while still make snapshots from head of co-6-4 – slightly different.

    • Play rejected the 6.4.9 because of links from help system.

      • Still in review.

Stability bits (Gabriel)

  • chasing some crashers under heavy load

    • share fixes in a batch; mostly mpWindowImpl being nullptr in some cases.
  • Dennis chasing a problem (Michael)

    • relating to memory corruption under high load

    • have new patch for this – private/mmeeks/kit-solar-mutex – needs review.

      • Feedback appreciated.

      • Unclear it’s the perfect solution – but seems good for now.

Build instructions ? (Muhammet)

  • should we update the public instructions to co-2021 …

    • yes (Michael, Kendy)

Release schedule bits (Timar)

  • had new COOL & CODE 6.4.9 releases a couple of days ago.

  • CODE 6.4.10

    • still blocking on async save

    • More and more good things piling up …

    • hopefully out in the next two weeks or so.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)