Collabora Online Weekly meeting #41

Date: September 9, 2021

Next meeting: September 16, 2021

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Gabriel, Kendy, Szymon, Ezinne, Pol, Thorsten, Alexandru, Michael Gabriel, Thorsten, Julius, Andras, Kendy, Ezinne, Aron, Szymon, Pol, Nicolas

Community Update (Pedro)

  • GH CLIlearned how this worked:

    • need to check GH CLI and g script
    • Pick something to contribute: gh contribute
    • Lists: gh issue list; gh pr list (add ‘-s "open" -L 500’ to change status and total)to see what recommended version should be run: co-2021 code ...
  • New contributions (since last week):

    • eb387cc7b Alexandru Vlăduţu loleaflet: add edit option in link dialog

  • pre-built core binary builds for beginners (Michael)

    • Nick W. suggested these these were rather old.

    • Was in Muhammet’s domain (Andras)

      • will check that.



  • To do: promote dev day with short topic / blog postWill promote the dev-day today with a new post

  • Alexandru confirmed – “How COOL is used in 1&1” …

    • needs approval, but don’t expect problems.

  • Any other speakers welcome !

  • Pedro will be setting up an individual testing session with each person;

    • should have BBB ready next week.

More Community bits (Pedro)

  • Chat bridge down: Telegram ↔ IRC

    • While moving to Libera our telegram api key might have got expired

      • I already set up new telegram app and with it a new api key

    • Good opportunity to maybe use one bridge solution for everything (Matterbridge, suggested by William) [security and setup analysis in progress]

    • William is on it now – and has a test instance.

    • Pedro keeps watching both sides and manually bridging …

  • Lots of holidaying going on in a staggered way.

  • added COOL days call to action and updated Docs page

Julius intro

  • Work at Nextcloud on the COOL integration in the past

    • focusing more on Office integration now

  • Not contributed to COOL yet, but did a first dev setup yesterday

    • took notes on how to improve that.

  • An expert on WOPI-like integration with PHP (Michael)

  • Could the work done for integrating Symfony be useful ? (PoI)

    • have PHP packages, with framework agnostic packages.

    • Already seen it passing by (Julius)

would love to have this in a cool-php repo (Michael)

Symfony bundle (Pol)

Live demo servers to test integrations (PoI)

  • we do use it for crash-testing, profiling etc.

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Fixes for formula-bar on mobile finally got in

    • More sidebar workincluding many cypress fixes thanks to Rashesh

    • lots of troubles not related with the PR, ignored for some time – now fixed.

    • will occupy less space and look better in different browsers

  • Annotations: Goal to improve how the annotations appears in small screenssome improvements

    • had a nice interactive screen-cast with mockup last call; people got excited.

      • So comments should be usable at a small screensize – useful for tablets.

    • Szymon working on a possible lots of existing code from mobile wizard

  • Improvements on the formula-bar for mobile; to be merged soon.

  • Save & clear style alignment (Michael)

    • some changes – missed by me (Pedro)

      • already have a fix.

Misc. pull requests (GabrielAlexandru)

CI (Timar)

    • .

Schedule & update (TimarKendy)

  • Mobile apps are getting some priority

    • Szymon working on Android fixes – how far from releaseable ?

    • Hard to reproduce the bugs – but found it happens only on Android 7 build.

      • Can reproduce it; only in release builds of Android.

      • Now have something to work on; probably something small.

  • IOS app – no longer leaks Gb per minute

    • but – pinch-to-zoom still not where we want it to be;

      • it is next for Dennis.

  • Doing a CODE 6.4.11 release ?this week

    • COOL packages are out now with various bug-fixes …

    • list of changes → marketing; to update release notes soon.Blocked on user-feedback feature / server deployment:so not built this yet.

    • CODE: like to introduce the user-feedback feature

User Feedback (Pedro)

  • Needs to be dockerized …

  • We have the code working – the hardest bit, but … lets see.fter this – good, any user will be able to rate / give un-structured feedback.

  • Or some wishful thinking in CODE – can then crunch the feedback.

  • So we can target problems in specific releases

  • content comes from the server.est and populate the DB need to be ignored (manually testing is better with real individual feedback)lso dev scripts to t

  • A

  • Needs to be done via docker William currently setting up and testing the instance

Update (Kendy)

  • back from holiday – biggest thing is moving most of the team to 2021 branch

  • buig-fixing after releases

  • Mobile bits:

    • Tor chasing iOS leaks / problems to release that

  • not working on Android (Szymon)Mike K started on bringing Math to Online … for editing equations.

    • Getting code enabled for LOK case – does it render to tiles etc.

    • more advanced changed there too …

      • changing the current toolbar for various symbols into a sidebar etc.

  • Rash – starting to turn development URLs

    • make run → we get URLs for the browser … even these should go through a wopi-like server

    • introducing some end-points from LOOLWSD to serve the files via WOPI here.

      • Small wrapping HTML to open this in the browser.

      • Kill the code for local storage.

    • Using the same server binding as we do for convert-to etc.

      • guarded by ifdef for now.

  • Otherwise lots of fixing:

    • Azure URL escaping magic from Ash.

flicker/jumping on mobile devices (Nicolas)

  • grim flickering while zooming in and out.

  • Ticket number:

  • I suspect it’s down to overlapping zooms / rapid work (Michael)

    • tiles from other zoom levels.

  • Not a blocker -but needs improving; immediately see it as a user.

Pull Requests in Need of Attention (Pedro)

Nothing out side of my radar

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)

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