Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #52

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #52

Date: Dec 9, 2021

Next meeting: Dec 16, 2021

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Gabriel, Szymon, Nicolas, Andras, Kendy, Ezinne

Community update (Pedro)

Forum activity:


  • Annoying failure to get CI to pass (Gabriel) with new PDF / conversion patch
  • Our tinderbox says it is green (Michael)
    • what seen (Kendy)
    • Kendy managed to fix one problem with npm erros we were getting within CI (Pedro)
      • Kendy: It seems that there was some change in the host regarding the npm
      • Kendy: This a workaround is not a fix of the root cause, we just update the cache. I fear this will be still a problem for someone that starts coding on CO
      • Gabriel: I can confirm I had this issue locally
        • Alex is on it
          • Kendy: if he could create a generic fix to upstream that would be highly appreciated
        • I manage to solve this by removing the json

GitHub Issues

Enable Save As feature that would if necessary ask and convert to the desired format ( example VSD, VSDX,)

Improve f-droid blog post

Scrollbars (document vs sidebar)

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Improvements around classic mode
    • using the space more efficiently for menus horizontally (still to be merged)
    • Even with toolbar icons, decrease the size of the icons while keeping the same touch area size
    • Close button appears sometimes when it shouldn’t . For example when viewing the readonly mode
  • Mobile
    • Hunting missing icons
    • Fixing annoying bugs (drawing areas, alignments etc.)
    • However it would be better to convert these to icon view
      • Szymon: yes it’s possible and I think it is worth checking
      • Szymon: But there are some bugs in the core e.g.: scrolling, so we need to fix them first.
  • Improvements around About dialog, done
  • We now have a new shining Welcome dialog
    • Still some improvements could be done, created issue #3790
    • Kendy: For the future when we are going to have the possibility to have that served from outside how will we do it?
      • Let’s keep all that in the upstream and then later if the outside source is available then it takes that if not it defaults to what is in master
  • Created more issues regarding UI (icons and components needing improvement)
    • Andreas already start on that: PR#3797
  • Branding
    • Need to improve how we generate it with the goal of reducing repetition
  • Saw Andreas’ PR on jumping width of drop-down for font-size (Pedro) merged
  • Contextual toolbars (Andreas)
  • I have noticed that we have sometimes a glitch on mobile when switching between → I need check
  • Mobile calc: selecting a cell and playing with formula bar would trigger the keyboard non-stop → I need to see if I can reproduce this with clear steps
    • Szymon: we had similar issue with contextual panel, so we are aware of that. But I think it does not happen in every device → we need to look at it

Schedule & update (Andras)

  • Plan to release new CODE 21.11 soonish
    • There are many patches waiting to be reviewed and merged
    • Probably it will happen at the end of the week
  • Collabora Online, probably in January
    • We are getting good feedback from the community wich we will use it for this release
    • It will be a very stable release
  • We release security releases
    • We send emails to partners etc
    • Nicolas: Do I need to update my repositories
      • Andras: Yes, there is info on that in the partner portal
      • Kendy: BTW do to heavy renaming it might not be super straight forward
      • Nicolas: It would be great to have those notes very up in the release notes
        • Andras: Actually it’s going to have straight forward. We already updated the documentation and I would like to work on some kind of migration script

Misc 1&1 bits (Gabriel)

a11y work (Gokay)

  • Lighthouse score is much improved
  • can now activate a11y for the online side
  • will add listeners & will send a draft-PR this week
  • updated PR to make notebookbar items unique (Szymon)
  • to check it doesn’t break icons – then it will be ready.

Update on what we’re up to (Szymon)

  • Fixed clipboard bug (formula bar)

Other updates (Kendy)

  • Focus on the things that need polishing and PRs etc

Next Meeting

Thursday, Dec 16, 2021 at 11:00 am (UTC) (12 CEST)