Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #65

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #65

Date: Mar 24 2022

Next meeting: 31/03/2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Michael, Pedro, Andras, Gokay, Aron, Ezinne, Thorsten

Welcome updates (Andras)

  • Infobar and Welcome working nicely
  • Have a new translation project on weblate – for welcome server content: Collabora Online/Welcome message (django) @ Hosted Weblate
    • Already translated to 12 languages, but help is welcome.
    • Will use the same project to translate the feedback dialog.
    • Perhaps can encourage people to help there (Pedro)

Forum (Pedro)

  • Bit less active this week; great to see people posting & then marking as resolved
    • perhaps need to help people see how to mark things as resolved.
  • Useful to keep an eye on the Development topic on the forum
  • Everything else addressed.

GitHub activity:

  • another nice PRs coming from Kristopher Maxwell (kcmaxwell)
    • brings dividers back for the toolbar in classic mode – which is good.
    • built while generating the toolbar, thanks for Szymon’s help & code pointers.
  • Update to icons from Rizmat.
  • Reminder: we need to keep adding easy hacks
    • will add one or two more.

Nextcloud bits (Gokay)

  • When copying / duplicating a document (Pedro)
  • Tor has nearly finished the font work
  • Notebookbar improvements left & right.
  • Sidebar when triggered wait before animation (Szymon)
    • opens after some milliseconds – but visible then do the animation too.
    • Don’t want to have it shown all the time – will trigger code for invalidations when switching context.
    • Loading glade files is/was really slow (Michael)
      • they are cached – but hidden (Szymon)
    • lots of slowness around sizing (Michael)
      • are we still doing that with JSDialogs ?
      • Mert did some changes – to block all VCL updates / sizing / positions (Szymon)
    • when we change the context & do small updates / typing (Szymon)
      • we run the update methods for a few panels all the time, perhaps several times.
        • Worth checking.
    • Lowish priority now.
  • Naming: change the names on ML etc.
    • Just do it → simple back-compat patch.
  • Desktop / PC locking / launching feature → next for Tor.
  • @Mentions – Julius (still?) writing up a spec.

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Serious problems with very large numbers of comments in documents fixed
    • many problems were here – all fixed; last touch from Mert just got in.
  • Problems with hover-state around css-var work
    • fixed these, tried to make the CSS slimmer too.
    • Avoid targetting individual elements and more generic rules.
  • Fixed issues with iPad close button in portrait
  • Fixed some missing icons on mobile – pwrt. calc
  • Regression: colors of some elements went berserk – lots of grey …
  • Now fixing button order inconsistencies
    • need to make sure they all work the same.

22.05 bits (Gokay)

  • Have build chains working, can compile for different architectures
  • Cypress tests – thanks to Szymon are working
    • may be some problems in the near future
    • in a good state …
  • Can start to use staging with 22.05 next …
    • suggest doing this.
  • Will have a bleeding-edge / alpha-testing release next week …
    • can ask people to test that (Pedro)
  • Need to re-test tunnelled dialog crashing …
    • now unit tests for core pass.
  • Lots of Lubos’ jumbo sheet bits merged
  • generally going ok (Andras)
  • Have a new –enable-experimental option – used for master vs. 22.05
    • should be shown as (E) in Help→about if turned on with new patch.

Other ongoing work (Gokay)

  • WOPI host aliasing pieces are merged – making us good for multi-server usage.
  • CODE 21.11.3 to today …
  • Lots of bug-fixing left & right.

Android / iOS updates

  • Android bugs seem to be solved – will need to test again.
  • iOS still being fixed – new release in a couple of weeks.

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