Copy-pasting disabled

I use Nextcloud 24.06 in Cloudron 7.3.2 and Collabora running on the same server. Since some time last week, copy-pasting from the editor got disabled for any user but me (the only admin). It works when I share an external link and allow copying there, but it doesn’t work for any internal user having an account.

More specifically, when the user tries to copy-paste something from Collabora Office documents into any other program, instead of the output text, a message appears indicating that copy-pasting is disabled.

It seems like this is some kind of security feature, but I don’t know how to disable this?

Welcome @ekevu to the forum
Could you please provide:

  • a screenshot of that message
  • screenshot of the messages that appear in web browser console

sounds like double-post of this Nextcloud forum topic:

The latest app update has fixed the issue.

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Thanks @ekevu for reporting it. I’m glad it’s now fixed :slight_smile: