How to use filter in collabora online? (problem in filtering)

I have a problem that shown big space at the top as below picture when use filtering in Collabora Online.
But nothing problem when open the same file on Libre Office.

If possible, could you please tell me please…

I am currently on:
Nextcloud ver: Hub 4 (26.0.13)
COOLWSD version:

Test Environments:
OS (Ubuntu, Windows10)
Tested Brosers(Chrome, Vavaldi, Firefox)

Hey @007Poe, welcome to the forum and thanks for the info/screenshot.

Can you share a sample of the ODS file?

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Sure, I’d be happy to share the sample file for you to review. :innocent:

But the popup says “Sorry, new users cannot upload attachments.
I am new user so i can’t upload file… :joy:
Please let me know if there are any other methods.
Thank you in advance…