Inquiry about PowerPoint-Style Comments

Hi there,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently using Nextcloud, which includes the Collabora Online feature. I have a question regarding a specific functionality related to comments, similar to what is available in Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Specifically, I’m interested in knowing if Collabora Online supports a “comment at the bottom” feature, where comments are displayed at the bottom of each slide. While I have noticed the presence of label-style comments that can be placed anywhere on a slide, I am specifically referring to the type of comment that appears at the bottom, as shown in the attached picture from Google Slides.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with information on whether this feature is available in Collabora Online within Nextcloud.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hey @JiL,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for asking the question. :slight_smile:

Can you explain a little on how you use this feature and why you find it useful?

How do you get this to appear in Powerpoint? (Can you mention the menu buttons you have to press to see it?)

In Google Slides, you can press:

  • View > Show speaker notes

Thanks for that photo. It really clarified what you meant!

That’s not “Comments”, but a “Speaker Notes” pane/window!

No. Collabora Online (or LibreOffice) can’t currently do that. But there is an Enhancement request for it:

Here is the proof-of-concept image they showed:

If you want to keep up on the status, I’d highly recommend you:

  • Join the LibreOffice Bugzilla.
  • CC yourself to that issue.
    • (There are currently 31 people CCed to it.)

That will make sure you:

  • Get all the latest updates on this feature.
  • + Help the devs prioritize adding or working on that feature! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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Is there an ETA of this Enhancement Request, which seems very old since 2011?
I am willing to contribute, but I mainly use Nextcloud which has the dependency to use Collabora Online.

No, not that I’m aware of.

But I did bring up this topic during the COOL Weekly Meeting #140, and was told:

“Yes, we are aware. It’s one of the most requested features.”

That’s okay. Old things get poked and prodded and added all the time!

Like LO 7.6 just added in a Recent Documents list feature that people have been requesting since 2012! :stuck_out_tongue:

Side Note: I just submitted a comment on your behalf!

Hopefully that’ll cause a few more waves, maybe getting more people/devs to take a look at it. :slight_smile:

Fantastic! What sorts of things are you interested in?

  • Coding?
  • Quality Assurance (QA)?
  • Translation?

For example, I have lots of fun:

And, because the dependencies are like this:

  • LibreOffice ↔ Collabora Online → Nextcloud Office

Usually anything fixed/added in the lower layers will automatically trickle up to higher layers.

So any sort of enhancement/fix—like Multi-Page TIFFs support—will automatically make its way into Collabora/Nextcloud. :slight_smile: