Lock/write-protect cells in table

I would like to share a roter as a Nextcloud Office table for external club members so that they can enter people there. However, I don’t want to share all the fields in the table for “free editing”. Is it possible to share only individual cells?

Hmmm, I’m unsure.

But 2 things you can currently do is:

  • Create a 2nd Sheet and reference it.

Or you can:

  • Hide/Unhide columns in a spreadsheet.
  • Hide/Unhide the 2nd Sheet.

Most people are probably going to stay on Sheet 1, and not look at any fancy stuff happening on other sheets.

Or if you hide the data/columns, it’ll make it extra unlikely they’ll stumble across them or somehow edit/mess them up.

As for locking specific cells from editing, I’m unsure.

Do you know how to do this in other tools? Can you link to some examples?